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28th Feb 1942, Born on this day, Brian Jones multi-instrumentalist and founding member of The Rolling Stones. Originally the leader of the group, Jones placed an advertisement in Jazz News of 2 May 1962 inviting musicians to audition for a new R&B group. Jones came...

Laura Mirella One of the greatest musical talents ever existed, unfortunately died too soon with his young age. Very underrated by all do not know why. Undoubtedly one of the largest multi-instrumentalists never existed (perhaps the biggest), in a few hours learning to play any instrument that could take months or years. RIP BRIAN
Jose Alonso He died a mysterious death, you have to wonder was it a murder for leadership of the band? One hell of a story if it was true... There was a lot of mysterious death in that time frame Jimi Hendrix for example died the same age 27 found dead in his room
Darryl Asson Brian jones was not the founder of the 27 club adrian lloyd that would be robert johnson........who was a big influence on brian and the stones.....he died at age 27
Mick Woods RIP the great Brian Jones. Without him there would have been no Rolling Stones.
Ramón Sanchez Died for betrayal hypocritical freinschip of Mick and Keith never helped him with his vices.🎸
Keith Richards Happy birthday brian Jones. RIP u started a incredible musical legacy. Miss ian stewart to.
Anthony Garcia Una oda a bryan jones poema escrito por Jim Morrison en su libro '' the new creatures''
Catherine Cooper Such a wonderful and talented musician what really happened and what caused him to not get saved from the swimming pool ???
James Red Rogers He wasn't the founder just the first one Ian Stewart hired! Great talent!
Peter Villalobos My mothers birthday.
Mathew Chapman RIP BrianJones
John Harrison Sad loss for a great talented man.
Christine Burne R.I.P Brian, you were my favourite of the Stones x
Eddie Dantès I share my birthday with this cool cat ✌💜☮
Janis Brown A tragic loss to music. But NEVER forgotten.
Jorge Meza-De la Pena Thank's for share... 🙏
Juanito Bautista RIP
Richard A. Whitney Jr. Overrated dick
Marion Lyon Ah my lovely Brian....
Adrian Lloyd The founder of club 27
John Holgate RIP Brain
GrantandJules Hampson The start
Nicholas Finnegan Murdered by Mick and Keith
Brenda Seavor-clague Always liked Brian the best 💕
Jean-Louis Salvi que de souvenirs
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27th Feb 1977, Keith Richards was arrested at Toronto’s Harbour Castle Hotel, after an ounce of heroin was found following a raid of his hotel room by 15 Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Richards, who was charged with possession with intent to traffic, faced seven years...

Michael Cavanaugh "Then there was who Keith himself called his "Blind Angel". This blind girl would show up at a lot of Stones concerts in Canada & Keith would make arrangements for her to be taken care of at the shows. He was sympathetic to her blindness & didn't want to see her get hurt. She personally went to the Judges house and told him the story of what Keith had done for her."
Kathy Jo North Wasnt Keith's sentence commuted to a fund raising concert which he performed for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind? The Stones like Canada
David Jones Most guys who do half the drugs Keith Richards has done die before their 30th birthday. It's insane that Keith is still alive well into his 70s.
Catherine Cooper I expect he had a good lawyer it seems there was a little over kill with 15 Mounties trying to bust him. They wanted to throw the book at him in what he was charged with xxx
Andrew Mikula Keith is one of the lucky ones messing with that garbage. I'm glad he was able to get successful treatment and counseling on it .
Rick Schwartz Jeezus H. An ounce of heroin. It's a miracle that Keef is still with us.
Ian Mills Didnt he get off the charges due to a sawn off shotgun charge being incorrect
Greg Landis Keith is still alive and going strong! What does that tell you?
Roy Critchlow How did they get 15 horses in his hotel room?
Ariel Alafriz Keith can handle the effect of drugs no matter how and thats the fact.
Marianne Kopała Elisabeth lykke til...? 😘
Lawrence Alvarez Keith will allows be a world legend. ?
Bob Cbecker Lucky for him he was white, rich and famous.
Patrick Young That Keith, he is just a scamp!
Jeff Paige
Thomas Moore If he hadn't got busted , would he be dead ???
Rick Rorie Were the police mounted at the time they searched his room?
John Karpus 100%!
Mike Ortega getting mileage from that Yves Saint Laurent photo shoot
Maja Maiore yeah and during that time he did amazing solo works
Song Surgeon Awesome very informative :p
Pieter Albrecht Bernard van VeenFrank Venneker!
Alessandro Constantine Zazzetta Vittorio Paci
Kim van Kesteren Roos Piek
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27th Feb 1971, Five months after her death, Janis Joplin started a nine-week run at No.1 on the US album chart with here second and final solo studio album Pearl. Joplin sang on all tracks except 'Buried Alive in the Blues', which remained a Full...

Andrew Donass I saw Janis in Calgary during The Festival Express tour August 1970. She was fantastic and beautiful.
Paul Lindley Such a shame. What have we missed out on in the passing years since her untimely death!
Diana Irizarry She was one of the 27 club! Drugs, alcohol, pills, killed off so many people.... not good..
Robyn McKnight She died a year and 8 months before I was born, but she has an amazing voice.
Jane Chessman I queued for three hours at Allens in Adelaide to buy this album. I still have it, one of my all time favourites
Michael Jorgensen Such a soulful singer.
Ross Huseman The closest I've come to finding someone as good as her is ... Beth Hart dam good singer as well.
Michael Green I love her Janis Joplin shoes my girl
Penny Harper Love this album!
Debrah Williams I love Janis Joplin's music. Thank you Janis.
Annick Kayemba Move over, Mercedes Benz !!!!!!
Debby Boyko Lidstrom One of my all-time favorite albums!
Mark Kok What a voice
Paul Cunningham Janis....The Pearl 🌹🌹🌹🇺🇸🎼🎤
Janet Cooley You will be forever missed in my heart, Pearl
Cherie Coughlin Love this album! She was fantastic!
Melissa Nelson My daughter was born on Janis' birthday...
Kimberly Baran Great album!
Jason Wc I really like this page
Caren Akin Love her , and her music
Liz Menard Been there,loved Janis,an bought the album!!!
Izzy Burberry A powerhouse.
Pauline Williams Adore her music
Karen Clark Great person and I love her songs
Gus Davis Rip your memory is eternal in music....
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26th Feb 1932, Born on this day, Johnny Cash US country singer, songwriter who was considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Although he is remembered as a country icon, his songs spanned other genres including rock and roll and rockabilly...

Dessie Fuller ,Johnny Cash was one of my favorite country singers he had such a hard life growing up but loved playing and singing country music .We all loved the man as well as his music God rest his soul .
Gabrielle Garcia Jackson is a great track, I like it because it's a duet with June Carter Cash. His cover of Hurt, is one oy the best recording of that song. I feel it's more sincere. I love his recording of Highwayman, with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon Jennings is one of my all time favorites. I could sit and listen to an album of Johnny Cash from cover to cover, like we did back in the good ol' days.
Randy Jones John cash and geo.jones.vern gosdin...Country music will never be the same. And's lost its 4 corners o Of greatness. Where are the songs.ole June was good.waylon..never the same..rj
Neil A. Bishop I was blessed to see him and the Carter family and Carl Perkins live back in the 60's I'm 66 now and still remember that night and that show. You just never forget seeing a Johnny Cash show he was the best and thank you for all times I put on your music and left my stresses behind😀
David Forbes Folsom Prison Blues meant more to me after visiting the place - in the old hanging room of all places - in 1980. Johnny Cash put his heart and soul into his music, and you could tell. So glad I got to see him once in Aberdeen, Scotland, with The Highwaymen.
Bri Weaver There's a picture of Johnny, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins in the sun recording studio together , originally labelled the million dollar quartet, guess it should be billion now
Bri Weaver Hurt - it was his goodbye ,video says it all, especially with June Carter Cash , it must have been her final public appearance if not Johnny's
Brian Jones For him to cover Personal Jesus and call it "probably the most evangelical gospel song I ever recorded" I believe says a lot. Love DM and Cash. Great song. Better than Hurt by far.
Joseph Killian The American Recording albums in his last years are incredible. With Rick Ruben producing. Johnny at his finest. His cover of "Southern Accents" is 1 of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my life. Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, & Elvis Presley. They just don't make their kind anymore. 🎸
Irene Juppe I love hearing him & his pretty wife June singing together. I love the song "Jackson". I also enjoy listening to " Ring of Fire", "I've Been Everywhere". I have several songs on my iPod shuffle. 😊😊😊
Steve Zoll Maria Zoll. Get your Cash on. At Folsom Prison is a must listen. His gospel stuff is outstanding. Sunday Morning Coming Down is one of my very favorite songs: period. Enjoy!❤☮🎼
Tim Maynard Those classics are the best. But if there is a better sounding audio recording than 'Hurt', I'd like to hear it. For me everything is in perfect balance and timbre, and there's that voice that sings with all that history in it.
Russ H Gunter Solitary Man was one that even made the si fi show Stargate Atlantis. Also heard him in Quantum Leep episode. His music is time less. His care for his fellow man was endearing.
James Boyce Back when i was in school many years ago .my teacher said we could bring a album from home to listen to in class i brought in Folsom prison the teacher played lots of records that day but not mine .my dad loved it as i did
Sid Streefkerk Johnny cash is still one of my all time favorite artist ,one piece at the time or get rhythm . But yes hurt was beautiful cover especially the knowledge it where his last recordings .
David J Law LOVE his cover of "Hurt"! It's like it was written for him to sing!
Debra Lowe Hurt is absolutely gut-wrenching but I heard him cover Tom Perry's "Southern Accents" while driving through rural Georgia and had to pull off the road to soak it in. Amazing.
Paul F Cole An american Icon, just an amazing talent. There will never be another.
Steven Mal Man in Black is one of the greatest songs ever written. I'm not a fan of country music, but I love Johnny Cash.
Effie Bilionis ghost riders in the sky a song Johnny cash covered in 1979 for his album Silver. Johnny cash performed this song during his guest appearance on the muppet show in 1980
Sherri Willey "Hurt" Very moving. Everything about it is like it was meant to be. A lifetime in a song and just months before saying good-bye to June and then Johnny.......................
Chris Lofthouse Richard Lofthouse? Got to be Ring of Fire, or maybe Cocaine Blues. Possibly General Lee or maaaaaaybe even Folsom Prison Blues.
Selena Stewart Didn't know it was your born day until now but yes I was listening to you today
Raymond Neyerlin Jr "The Ring of Fire", " A Boy named Sue" and "Folsom prison Blues"
Nicola Crosbie Fourty shades of green. A favourite of my late uncle and godfather. Reminds me of him always 🍀
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25th Feb 1943, Born on this day, George Harrison guitarist and vocalist with The Beatles The all-time bestselling album in the UK is The Beatles’ 'Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band', with over 4.5 million copies sold. Harrison wrote the 1969 US No.1 & UK...

Colm O Toole George was actually born at 23.50 on February 24th 1943, although he celebrated his birthday on the 25th until he found out late in his life through some family documents he had been born on the 24th. Good quiz question but it doesn't make any difference to his musical genius 🙂
Lee Moseley Absolutely the most underrated talent that emerged from the phenomenon known as the Beatles. Happy Birthday, George, wish you were still here. Glad you left us with so much incredible music.
Brian Bettridge Happy Birthday George Harrison. Loved your music and the Concert for Bangladesh. Favorite...too many to choise from but While my guitar gently weeps...yes totally significant. ..RIP. ..
Chris Rumin Happy birthday George. RIP. Favorite post Beatles song would be Handle with Care with the Traveling Wilburys. I also love the song and video I Got My Mind Set on You. FAB is also, well, fabulous . Thanks George.
Cloyd Moll Something: will live on forever in time eternal song for the future to help define the Beatles: Sinatra said: Greatest pop song of all time: It helped him pay the bill's at Frier Park
Ian Hill He wrote so many really beautiful songs. He's my ultimate Sitar Hero and is the reason why I own one. It was so sad when he died. 🎸🎼❤️
Michael O'Donnell While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I'm not too familiar with his solo stuff but I doubt anything else he's done is anywhere near that good 🙂
John Harrison Wonderful person, and such a good guitarist and song writer. Sadly miss with his passing when still so young. My favourite Beatle for sure.
Herb Collins Coincidentally, two days ago my wife Sandy McArthur and I listened to "All Things will Pass" over morning tea. This music calms the soul in such turbulent times.
Steve Zoll Maria Zoll. Michelle Hart have a George kind of a day. ☮🙏❤🎼. AllThings Must Pass is a great way to spend several hours...or all day. Love you both.
Diane Alt Here Comes the Sun, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Something and Give Me Love are among my very favorites. He was a truly gifted writer and musician. I still miss him.
Michael Easterwood Dont forget Jeff Lynne of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band was also a member of the Traveling Wilburys with Roy Orbison
Bill Davis Here comes the sun, Something and While my guitar gently weeps. As soon as you here the first notes on each song you instantly recognize it. Three of the greatest Beatles songs ever.
Marilen Deguzman Araneta Happy bday in Rock and Roll Heaven, George!!! My fav. George Harrison song or shall I say songs are, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"; "My Sweet Lord" and "Something"!!! 👍❤🎧🎤🎸🎶🎶🎶
Michael Levin All things must pass or my sweet Lord are the one's I like best but I really don't think he wrote a song that I did not like I really liked John first then George then Paul and last ringo
Richard Freedland My sweet lord and something and my guitar gently weeps and what is my life and so much more. The most underrated of the Beatles.
Jan McGavock My favourite and the most under-rated song writer of the Beatles. Lets not forget we owe The Life of Brian to George!! Never forget, he wasn't a messiah .........
Joe Kyle A man with deep spiritual convictions in the midst of the swirl of worldly fame and fortune - happy birthday and God bless your soul for all the good you did for humanity
Jess Kilpatrick My sweet Lord is probably my favorite, but all his work was outstanding, you didn't expect anything, but, outstanding, from the Fab Four!
Gigi Striegel Loved all if them I could never pick just one! Wow Imagine what it must be like in heaven with all those musicians BEAUTIFUL
Robert Wilcock People that haven't listened to his solo stuff need to. Brainwashed is a top album. Very underrated artist.
Yasuyuki Takata As many other great songs, I like "Savoy Truffle" from "White Album". RIP, George.
Per Halvorsen Love the Rick..proudly own a 620...1965...Play Beatles on it whenever I can..yes,..I Need You!!
Patti Smith While my guitar gently weeps, My sweet Lord., and many many more.And again HAPPY ANGEL BIRTHDAY GEORGE ~~~
Gus L. Hall George performed with Carl Perkins and friends, great video he was truly one of the Icons of music.
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24th Feb 2004, Estelle Axton, who helped create the legendary US soul music label Stax, died in hospital in Memphis, aged 85. Stax was home to Otis Redding, Rufus Thomas, Isaac Hayes and Booker T and the MG's and the Stax studio, 'Soulsville USA', was...

Syd Scott RIP Estelle. A white woman ruled black music for ten glorious years. Soul music owes you a massive debt of gratitude. Long live Stax!
Ian Fulton One of THE best labels.
Desmond Desmond Great stuff!! I like their box set better than the Motown stuff!
Alison Clauson Stax is amazing!
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