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22nd Feb 1987, Andy Warhol, pop artist and producer died after a gall bladder operation. The founder of the Pop Art movement, produced and managed the Velvet Underground, designed the 1967 Velvet Underground And Nico 'peeled banana' album cover and The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers...

Alan C Clarke Should be a good night in May, here in the Dock at Liverpool!🤘
David Jones I used to have the first album
Bleu Steinbaugh Eleanor One of the most innovative artists ever!!!!
Donald Rail Kowalski Brian Fischer
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22nd Feb 2004, The Sex Pistols 'Anarchy in the UK' was named the most influential record of the 1970s in poll compiled by Q magazine. Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was voted into second place and Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' was third, T Rex 'Get It...

Tim Goosey Dark Side of the Moon, Tubular Bells, Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, but yes the Sex Pistols and Gary Newman were massively influential as to what was to follow and sweep aside 'the old farts' as the NME called them.
Troy Mitchell Owens First off, this site mainly speaks for those in the UK so any Americans reading this needs to understand that. The Pistols had a tremendous impact on UK society during a very rebellious inperiod in UK history. Here in the US however they were a blip on the radar both musically and regarding their impact on our culture.
Theo Brubaker Influential? Look how big metal got. Black Sabbath. All of their records. Influential? Van Halen I. Edward changed the whole game.
Steve Knight They had a guitarist behind a curtain playing because the guitarist, was it Sid vicious, could not play a note. Saw it on a documentary is this true?
Paul Martin Never mind the Bollocks! What a load of crap! Where was this poll conducted? At Johnny Rottens family reunion? The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, Zeppelin IV, Physical Graffiti, London Calling, Rumors, Black Sabbath, KISS Alive!
Norman Hunt Kiss Alive. Cause it cured us all of Disco Fever. Van Halen I cause of the guitar work. And Led Zeppelin 4 cause come on. Stairway to Heaven.
Tony Coleby I can't really argue with that list from a national perspective and personally 3 of the 5 should be there. Anarchy in the UK for (I would say) more important reasons that flipping I Feel Love.
Chuck Parks You got the Whip's birthday a day early on your website - Michael Wilton was born on February 23rd, 1962 in San Francisco, California.
John Lavelle Hmmm punk made people talk,love it or hate it,god save the queen,
Kevin Liening YES' Close To The Edge or Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon.
Gary Hall The Clash eponymous album
Ryan Pearson Black Sabbath Black Sabbath, Deep Purple in Rock, Led Zeppelin IV, Who's next,T.Rex Electric warrior and the Ramones debut
Michael Jorgensen Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow, Journey or Van Halen come come to mind.
Mark Duffield I long for the day that you make just one post that doesn't have a grammatical error of some kind.
Jeff Rowe Alladin Sane for me.Also Transformer.For Your Pleasure.My tastes are obvious
Keith O'Shea Blondie "Heart of Glass" 🤘
Hugo Cardenas The Ramones first album
Tina Mc Dermott O'Connor Thin Lizzy's Whiskey in the Jar!
James Bollinger Bridge of Sighs - Robin Trower
Harry Ramone By far ziggy stardust
Eric Davenport Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Van Halen
Flynn Tolbert Van Halen 1....
Andrew Jacobs The b-side was better.
Javier Sosa Priero
Pete Bishop Are friends electric - tube way army
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21st Feb 1970, Simon and Garfunkel went to No.1 on the UK chart with Bridge Over Troubled Water. The album went on to stay on the chart for over 300 weeks, returning to the top of the charts on eight separate occasions and spending a...

Ronald Poche Jr Consider myself as a very serious music collector . And I've always said if I had to be stranded on an island with only one cd ; it would be the b-sides of Simon And Garfunkel's music . They were so awesome in variation of songs .
Eric Kennedy So long, Frank Lloyd Wright is still one of their best songs. Pity it marks the dissolution of their musical partnership, hence the "so long already, Artie" at the closing.
Karen Connolly Best album ever. 1970 I remember I borrowed it from a friend and there was a scratch in the middle of "Why Don't You Write Me" and it stuttered. I then got the album on vinyl, cassette and, eventually, cd and still wait for that stutter!
Jennifer Young The epitome of my youth, I know it word for word along with Sergeant Pepper, Carol King Tapestry and James Taylor You've Got a Friend. I heard it through the grape vine, whiter shade of pale .........I could go on!
Tim Harris The manager of the basketball team at the University of San Diego (1970) was shot and killed by his wife. One of his 6'8" teammates sang this song A cappella, standing in front of the cathedral by himself. It was touching and beautiful.
Andrew Mikula I'd be curious to know how many American high school graduating classes in the early 1970s picked this as their class song? I coudl guess and still be thousands short.
Mary McKinstry When my older brother went to college at Yale he wrote this song out and gave it to me with a promise to always be there for me. I still have it! 💕
Diane Zammuto One of the best recordings ever done. Most of the musicians are from the wrecking crew. A must for everyone to have in there collection. TS
Tomas Grip Have you ever thought about what a GIANT moustasche Art Garfunkel seemed to have in those days?
Emmett Griner In the Concert In Central Park, Art Garfunkel sings this song like an angel in Heaven.
Karen Harrington This is the first album I bought. I. Still have it & love it. No one like S & G!!!
William Schmids Jr I love the use of horns and the very different feel each song on this album delivers. It's their white album
Perry Puccinelli hated the song but loved the rest of the album.. mostly I think the radio played Bridge into the ground...
Beverly Born Goss There were 100 albums made in mono, and the rest Stero. I have one of the original 100.
Tom Bergeron Sorry-- HATED the song!!! And what the hell is up with that stupid picture on the cover!?!?
Meta Martinez Wish I had a dollar for every time I played. Still know every word to every song. Not a loser in the bunch.
Tom Norton Just put on my iPod for the am drive. Was totally unaware of the relevance.
Kim Aitken Watched them live in WA some years back still as good as ever 👍
Jennifer Mccrory I love this song Daryl. One of my many favourite record I have. Quality.
Noel Percy Alison Greene....first time I heard this "LP" was with you in your front room. The things you remember.
Fintan McPhillips Eimear, by coincidence this is the album I was telling you about this evening.
Dawn Chase I believe I still have this LP and have also bought it on CD.
Brent Acorn We gave Dad this album for Christmas that year. He loved it!
Dianne Martin Karen McArthur.. how many times was this album played in our house. 😍
Valenda Wacks Truly one of the greatest albums of all time. Pivotal in my life.
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21st Feb 1958, Born on this day in Princeton, New Jersey, was Mary Chapin Carpenter, folk and country music singer, songwriter. Carpenter has won five Grammy Awards and is the only artist to have won four consecutive Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance,...

Andrew Mikula Great songwriter and performer --- State of the Heart and Shooting Straight in the Dark are really terrific albums. Mary picks unusual topics to write about sometimes and that makes her all the more unique.
Jim Blyth While I liked most of her work I particularly admired her project where orchestration was featured. Absolutely stunning production and arrangements.
Gandhi Hurwitz Her new record "The things we are made of" is fantastic. Maybe her best yet.
Susan Johnson I'm always surprised she's not bigger than she is. Great songwriter.
Mary Wilkie Always been one of my faves! As down to earth as she is talented.
Jim O'Neill Love her....
Alan Lyles Passionate Kisses ... 1982 ... great CW Dance song that pushed dancers to floor
Andrew Mikula "When all you need is a beer and a bushel .. Down in Mary's Land"
Sławomir Grodzki Super
Suzy Staten Price Twist and Shout! Great song!
Jim Blyth While I have liked most of her work I particularly admired her
Randy Ripley Big talent!!!
Anthony Titulaer Love her love her love her....
Andrew Cravello Dad would've been proud
Brook Garretson
Tim Lloyd Happy birthday to you Mary Chaplin Carpenter
Shareriff nice
Petar Ivanovic Milan Ivanovic
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21st Feb 1968, Otis Redding had his first entry on the UK singles chart when '(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay' entered the chart, it went on to be a No.3 hit. The song became the first posthumous single to top the charts in...

Jim Blyth Gone to soon. While he was with us his light shone bright. Great songs. ..arrangements and Otis. It was magnificent.
Pennye L. Gullett Absolutely adored this song !
Che Peter Blair Travis Berthou
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20th Feb 1967, Born on this day, Kurt Cobain guitarist, singer, songwriter with Nirvana who had the 1991 hit 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Their 1991 album 'Nevermind' spent over two years on the UK chart. During the last years of his life, Cobain struggled with...

Ebon Smylie I'd still bet money that Courtney love is behind his death. Losing all kurts royalties if they got divorced is a big motive, and the fact his toxicology report said he had 3 and a half times the toxic amount of heroin in his system. I highly doubt he was able to pull a trigger on a shot gun with his toes that high on heroin
Jeffrey Seitz I like Nirvana and most of their songs. But Ted Nugget made a funny comment in an interview. He said he can play more notes on my guitar with my pecker then Kurt Cobain could with both his hands. But he hit that magic number 27 and that was the end of Nirvana.
Amber Ross I call bullshit on the suicide. Love had a big motive. The writing that didn't match his on the note...seriously...should've been deemed a homicide. Would've been interesting to see where he would be now musically.
Mike Evans I think it was bad taste to use that particular picture for this post. Kurt holding the very thing that helped take his life (supposedly)? But I guess shock sells, right?
Jason Godwin A waste of a talent whilst not being a big fan nirvana performed some good songs in their day a particular high point was the unplugged sessions with the David bowie cover version the man who sold the world a classic
Tony Hebblethwaite they had some good songs. slightly overrated as they had a lot of mediocre songs too. shame as I think he would have evolved into a great over time..
Jay Tessier God Damn people are so negative about absolutely everything. Before the internet everyone was a secret douche.
Elsa Rivera Honestly i never cared for hm or his so called noise oooopps i meant music, but may he rest in peace
Austin Campbell Hes on my list of musicians that I want to go back in time and kill their parents to ensure they never exist......#1 Kanye West #2 Fred Durst #3 Kurt Gobang
Uwais Asghar 1994 Justin Bieber was born and Kurt cobain died from that day rock n roll died
Liam Doodle Bella Maitland his green throw over 😍😍😍 his fashion was on point
Abbey Hill Kurt Cobain wasn't murdered people. Do you know he suffered with two health conditions that had a major impact on his mental and psychical health?? Do you also know that in 90 percent of his songs he speaks about suicide,low self esteem and a lack of self worth? Do you even know that he was diagnosed with depression & bipolar disorder? No. You don't. Because you don't educate yourself on something before forming an idea that's simply bullshit
Mary Long why is it now days eveyone thinks someone gives a shit about what they think wow the facebook yahoo comment world we live in what a joke
Austin Campbell The down fall of rock music started with Nirvana...
Melanie Laurel Cain Tragic he died so young! His songs were deep in meaning if you really listened to the words.
Billy Brouder I swear I don't have a gun
Alvin Huck Grunge = garbage
Dave Beynon What a load of crap the most iconic rock musician ????? He was a total prick
Carrie White Still.... Nevermind......!
Jay Tessier He'd be fifty! That's crazy
Mary Long try and make your own fucking music you bunch of fucking trolls
Hannah Stacy Ashton Hess he would've been 50
Patrick Joseph Daniels Way to celebrate his life assholes
Marcia Emiliana Vieira Rest in Peace Kurt Cobain ,
Alex Matth Fuckin legend!!! 😪🤘AuAur Elie
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