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US1RadioSeptember 26th, 2016 at 3:02pm

Coming up on Friday night's Evening Edition: FIRM President Mel Montagne joins us live @5 to talk about appealing the 8.9% windstorm insurance premium increase for Florida Keys policy holders. Evening Edition. Your news on your time. Only on 104.1 FM, US 1 Radio.

This Day in Music
This Day in MusicSeptember 26th, 2016 at 3:02pm

26th Sept 2003, English singer, songwriter Robert Palmer died of a heart attack aged 54 in Paris France. He was a member of Vinegar Joe and Power Station (with Duran Duran members Andy Taylor and John Taylor with drummer and former Chic member Tony Thompson)....

Stephan Hampe One of These "Gentlemen of Rock"! Got to know him and jammed with my Band and him back in 1995, when my radio station awarded him with "R.SH-Gold" for his achievements the year before.
Stan Haldane We discovered Robert when he supported us with his band Mandrakes. When our singer Jess Roden moved on Alan Bown persuaded Robert to join us. Robert was an apprentice and Alan had to assure Robert's parents that we'd look after him. He became our singer and it was his first professional break. We recorded and released an album and some singles with him. He later moved on to DaDa, just wanted to give you some background.
Brian Lee Just so so sad. His music was part of my life growing up. I cannot begin to explain what impact the albums Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley, Double Fun, Clues and the irrepressible Addicted to Love had on a young lad in his teens was..... Now my family enjoy singing along to the collection "At his best". We all love him and he is much missed. Thank you Robert Palmer for enriching our lives.
Mark Byrnes Rather short article for one of my favorite performers... he was a force who put out some amazing records... great r and b singer... ton of soul... loved him
Jonathan David Harris Stephen Hampe Mr Robert Palmer what what a voice and talent he had .With Elkie Brooks massive voice as well he died way way too soon I say .And a gentleman to boot as,well .
Steve Yelich Bad Case of Loving You, one of the best pop songs ever recorded.
Nick Byrne Elkie brooks was also a member of vinegar joe back in the day before going solo
John Anthony Downton Top class. Love "Every Kinda People", and "Johnny And Mary"...:)
Carol Speakes Kyber It takes every kind of people To make what life's about, yeah. It takes every kind of people To make the world go 'round.
David Trimboli Wore a suit and tie when everyone else wore big hair and neon-- that says something.
Graham White Addicted to love was the second 7" I ever bought. Talented guy.
Lin Slater Great memories. One of my favorites. Best work out music ever!
Gary Horton Saw him with Vinegar Joe..great stuff
Tony Lamb (Lookin' For) Clues. 💘💞
Denise Lewis RIP talented soul
Simon Hall-Barton There is "cool" then there is (was) Mr. Robert Palmer
Laree Lee Fleming-Amador I did'nt even know that he had passed!!!
Janice Greene Loved his music....gone too soon.
Julie Way Great voice... Great man... and a Great Artist.. 💙
Tony Dobbs Sorely missed.
Kate Daisey Rest in Peace 🙏
Jerome Evanson Terrific R&B artist. Mysogynistic videos aside, he left a great legacy of recordings for all of us to enjoy. He was certainly missed.
Russell Mew Too bloody soon too bloody young
Haydn J Williams One of the Great Stars from the 80s.
David Niccum Sneakin Sally through the alley!!
This Day in Music
This Day in MusicSeptember 26th, 2016 at 3:02pm

26th Sept 1969, The Beatles released Abbey Road in the UK. The final studio recordings from the group featured two George Harrison songs 'Something' (Harrison's first A-side single), and 'Here Comes The Sun'. In their interviews for The Beatles Anthology, the surviving band members stated...

Stephen Critchett Excellent album. The side two Medley is brilliant. A contender for my favourite Beatles album. Either this or Sgt Pepper or the White Album. Can never decide. 😂
Kent Book One of the best 5 albums in rock, ever!! B side is so awesome that you'll be hard pressed to find another side A or B it's equal!!!
Eva Hafner oh wow, i have been listening to Abbey Road for the last hour(it makes cleaning the kitchen bearable)... and now taking a break i read this article. what a coincidence 🙂
Kim Clayton How much 'music' (term used loosely) released in 2016 will we be talking about in 47 years???
David Bell I bought this album on the day it was released. The impact of the opening of 'Come Together' I will never forget. I played it over and over before I had even listened to the other tracks. Magical times and vinyl to boot.
Pete Jackson Side one was John and side two was paul, John wasn't into the medley thing so much , so they worked out with both of Georges songs and Ringos song and made such an awesome record, my favorite Beatles album
Fitretu Getachew Abbey Road is the best album of all time... The legends of Liverpool are always favorite bands of all time too.. The Beatles For Ever!!!!
Peter Green A magnificent album- the song cycle that follows the fabulous 'here comes the sun' is just sublime. Absolutely superb. The Beatles at their best
Gregory Hill My wife and I were lucky enough to walk in front of Abbey Road studios. Many messages to John written on the low wall in front of the building. We did not try a picture in the cross walk because it is a very busy street!
Abraham Power Grant Classic album Abbey road. Is even though the Beatles were. Breaking up at this time the all ways made good damn music rip John Lennon and George Harrison
Brian Terrell To me after all these years the only thing that sounds dated is the recording/mix itself. Pretty much unmatched otherwise. The Revolver session recordings (including PW and Rain) are my personal favorite though.
Patrick Mulligan You're 13 starting 8th grade 2 months after Woodstock in the middle of national crazy civil unrest, the Vietnam war, hippiedom & the best music era known to humanity......and this is released!!!!!!!!!.......what a fantastic time to be alive🤔
Johnny Carver Sgt. Peppers , The White Album , Abbey Road , Rubber Soul , these were The Boys at their best.
Andrew Brown Was never really a Beatles fan growing up (80's & 90's) but over the years have bought lots of vinyl and have somehow got all of their albums. And strangely .. lived in London not very far from Abbey Rd Studios 😯 Meant to be possibly ☺
John Anthony Downton My first album purchase back in 1969/70. Still in my top 5 albums ever. Could only afford 45's until then.
Alexandre Bergeron Once my favorite Beatles album, for its creativity and efficiency. But now, the title goes to Revolver!
Thomas Sullivan Weiss Here Comes the Son....the Son King. Abundant Blessings to everyone
Truett Tollison No telling how many times I've played this album like any Beatles album. Never gets old !
Javier Gutierrez What A Way To Go Out In Style, With This Masterpiece, Abbey Road. It Just Proves That The Beatles Will Always B The Greatest Rock Band Of All Time.
Edu Odovelas Jr. this is the darkest album of the beatles while let it be is melancholic
Kevin Bleksley From a ground breaking pop group to one of the greatest Rock groups of all time. Each album better than the one before.
Bobby Lewis
Michelle Bean Awesome album I still have it, never play it because it is in mint condition.
Susanne Simon Little gem on side two (starts about 15 seconds after The End)
Craig Moore Which is your favourite song from the album? Mine is "Come Together" OR "Oh Darling"
This Day in Music
This Day in MusicSeptember 26th, 2016 at 3:02pm

26th Sept1964, Roy Orbison started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Oh Pretty Woman'. The title was inspired by Orbison's wife Claudette interrupting a conversation to announce she was going out; when Orbison asked if she was okay for...

Joanne Codiamat Rios ANOTHER OF MY FAVORITES! ❤ ROY ORBISON was another great artist that didn't get the true credit he deserved till the later years! ❤ He was also Great! ❤
Chard Ducharme When I was getting a UHaul to move out of Nashville TN, I struck up a conversation with the mgr. His dad owned some rental properties when he was a boy and one day a tenant wanted his opinion on a song he wrote, it was Roy playing that song. He told him he didn't like it. Lol.
Marte Welch Yes. Along with Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and George Harrison.
Janis Margaret Dyer Oh Denise he was my number one singer and still is, I still shed a tear at some of his songs now.
Robb Shelton Sr Have that on one of his albums. Remember it was great to have an American song played at that time.
Bill Stevenson So much greatness
Paul Lindley One of the all time greats.
Kathy Jo North Wasn't he a Wilbury brother?
Bobby Lewis MERCY !
Will Scott thank you for posting
Mark Davies i have this album... brilliant stuff
Kathleen Angland Loved him x
Pat Fontana Great song, great artist.
Pol Peralta Oh! Pretty Woman the song that never die.
Gerry Runstedler One of the most natural singers...I love it all
Song Surgeon Who else thinks this is cool ?
Joost Leyendekkers Was erg goed by by.
Sarah Sargent Tia Frotton it's your favorite song😂
Neil Trout Katey Tingle
Judy Raddatz Great songs are great forever. This is one of them.
Horus Firebird Sebastian Restrepo
Vanessa Marsden Kris Martiensen-Rice
Emily Townsend Sean Alderson
Terry Rippa
This Day in Music
This Day in MusicSeptember 26th, 2016 at 3:02pm

25th Sept 1975, Jackie Wilson had a heart attack while performing live on stage at the Latin Casino, New Jersey. Wilson collapsed into a coma suffering severe brain damage. Ironically, he was in the middle of singing one of his biggest hits, 'Lonely Teardrops' and...

Paul F Cole Jackie Wilson's "Higher And Higher" was the first record (45)I ever bought. I loved that song then and I love it to this day! Every time it comes on I can't help singing along, he was one of the greatest performers of all time. He could sing and dance with so much passion, his music will live forever.
Dave Shaw One of my Favorite as a young boy in the 60's, one of the Greatest of all time.
Marc Bartoli Elvis and Jackie Wilson in Vegas August 1974
Faith Cheatham Danced a thousand miles, at least, to this talented rock 'n roll icon! RIP
Michael Jorgensen Great singer. Rip Jackie. All I can say is he died doing what he loved. I hope I do.
Stephen Alistair Campbell Great singer! My favourite was'The Who Who Song'. Check it out.
Russel Armitage He was a GREAT showman. I think of him almost as the black Elvis
Jose Hushlavesh
Jose Hushlavesh
Tammy Nelson Jackie Wilson was in a Coma for 11 Years gee thats a long time.
Yvonne Higgins That's so sad.😢
Angela Pastore He had the moves on stage
Jane Fairhall Churcher Collins Love that song
Chanty E Savoie R.I.P...
Andrew Mikula The man they called Mr. Excitement
Steve Koch Yep, one of the top, and can't be copied
Yvonne Ainsworth And Lonely Teardrops is my favourite song of his.
Teresa Travis how sad.🎻🎹🎺
Roger Roush Loved his music
Sherri Purpora ❤️ Jackie!
Patrick Mcalinden 11 years in a coma wow
Maria Young Wow what a story. Terrible
Carolyn Thorson Miss this man and his music
Michael Paul Torrez Interesting.
Philip Houldershaw Slightly overdramatic version of events.
This Day in Music
This Day in MusicSeptember 26th, 2016 at 3:02pm

25th Sept 1969, John Lennon recorded the track 'Cold Turkey', with Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Klaus Voorman and Yoko. Lennon presented the song to Paul McCartney as a potential single by The Beatles, but was refused and released it as a Plastic Ono Band single...

John Kellner Lennon was strung out on heroin at the time. Beatles were disintegrating & passed on the song. True story.
Robert Carr This song playing while detoxing will make your spine stand up.
Michael Kelley I found this 45 in a flea mkt for a dollar, of course I bought it.
Ernie Buford Totally inappropriate as a Beatles song. About as inappropriate as the Two Virgins lp cover.
Hannah Cookie Goldt Yoko screaming
Randy Barrier
Gary Krupa I enjoy the "b" side
Jeremy Risinger Great song.
Randy Barrier
This Day in Music
This Day in MusicSeptember 26th, 2016 at 3:02pm

25th Sept 1980, John Bonham, drummer with Led Zeppelin, died aged 32 after a heavy drinking session. ‘Bonzo’ was found dead at guitarists Jimmy Page's house of what was described as asphyxiation, after inhaling his own vomit after excessive vodka consumption, (40 shots in 4...

Mark Robertson This was truely one of the biggest loss of talent in rocks history. This Led footed drummer was so distinctive that eventually recording studios sampled Bonham's snare and kick signatures so that others could sound as close to Bonham as possible. The only human on this planet that can actually recapture that greatness would be....his son Jason. If you've worn those Zeppelin CDs into the ground, you did so always tapping your foot and nodding your head to one of the greatest rock drummers of all time! R.I.P.
Izzy Burberry It says something for the integrity of Led Zeppelin that, following John Bonham's death, the group decided it wouldn't be the same without him.
Ed Hernandez Now you talking about hardcore bad ass drummer, my only witness to them was in February 1975 at the St Louis Arena . If anyone out there wants to see a serious setlist check out setlist for Led Zeppelin on that evening no way I could come close to forgetting how awesome they were
Scott Banister I remember being in ceramics class 9 Th grade. This foxy rocker chick named Tracy was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said John Bonham died. Still remember that moment..
Karol Mamot I love his loose, bluesy kind of play on first LZ four albums. Later his groove become more solid and predictable. There are three main keys to his play and touch: sense of time, bass drum accents, snare definition. His style is recognizable in a second. That defines great drummers from good drummers. He still inspires a lot of musicians today.
Carlos Marquez I was fortunate to see Zeppelin in 72, 73, and 75. The 72 show was a rawk n roll spiritual experience. I met Bonham, Plant and Jones in LA in 75. Bonham was a presence and very friendly, he wore a royal blue robe with stitched dragons. I can still see him twirling his drum sticks.
Rosemary Sidaway Never forgotten in his hometown of Redditch, Worcestershire. Ww will soon be marking his short but impactful life with a fitting permanent menorial to the great drummer of all time.
Tony Smith First to break the crappy drum sound of the sixties. bonzo brought the heavy rock drum sound into existance..rolling double bass with only one kick gut bucket ever!
Mark Leon Tanner So many people categorize him a a basher... He hit hard, but he was a finesse player... Who always seemed to put a little swing into everything he played... Extraordinary musician... Absolutely irreplaceable...
Michelle Silverman I remember this day. They were going to tour and we were so excited to see them and this happened. What a horrible day it was. All we did was cry
Jay Alford John Bonham was the engine that drove Led Zeppelin. Once the engine died Led Zep came to a complete stop. What a drummer, he is truly missed.......
Steven Harper Supposedly Bonham was by far the most difficult of all the band members said producers and agents he was never satisfied with almost any song always thought it could be better
Will Robinson I was lucky enough to see him with Zep 3 times. 1975 and twice in 1977. He did a 25 minute Moby Dick. It was amazing!!!
Jim Murray Just to solidify his status as the best ever, listen to Rock n Roll and tell me different.
Jonathan David Harris Just like this year of 2016 ,the year of 1980 turned in to a horrifically bsd year of years ..John Bonham was a crazy crazy genius of the drumming sphere ,what a madman he was ,but great as well .32 way way to young as well .Others WHO we lost were Peter Sellers ,Steve McQueen ,Ian Curtis ,Then the blackest night in music today still ever was John God Lennon was assassinated .What a horrible year it was .1980..Another musician who John Bonham knew very well was Sandy Denny ,they both loved to party folks ,she perished young as well .
Philip Simpson I challenge any mfr on earth to listen to Dancin' Days n seriously tell me they believe that JB was NOT the greatest rock drummer of all time.
Brent Paquette What a bad year for music fans. To lose Bon Scott, John Bonham, and John Lennon. Keith Moon two years earlier.
Paul Silva Led Zeppelin was a true 4 into 1 machine. John Henry Bonham not unlike Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Baldwin ( Paul Jones ) were irreplaceable. Sadly Led Zeppelin was put to rest shortly after Bonham passed away. Led Zeppelin has been dusted off the shelves a few times since 1980 . I always thought that as a Drummer Mitch Mitchell could have worked .
Julie Hohing Diana At first i read that Ludwig had issued a limited edition drunk kit in 2007.
Jim DeWane So sad. We had mailed in a money order literally the night before this news broke to see Led Zep in Chicago. Kelly Dewane, Karen Sokoloski Romund
John J. Paterson Ironically I was on my way to a drum lesson AND already had four tix for Led Zep @ the Spectrum in Philly
Hall Jerry Forty shots? Lightweight. X Led Zeppelin are still the greatest.
Juan Carlos Jimenez Mimendi Recuerdo muy bien este día muy triste para el Rock, quede en shock
Patrick Oliver Wow....less than 3 months before John Lennon.....didn't realize that......
John M Gilbert What a sad day that was! I was in London that day and it was a shock to many. Zepp has never been the same.