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29th March 2001, Brian Wilson was honored in a three hour tribute at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Guest performances included Billy Joel, Paul Simon, The Go-Gos and the trio of Carly Simon, David Crosby and Jimmy Webb. Also singing Beach Boy songs were...

The Law Of Attraction “Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ― Steve Jobs
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29th March 1980, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon album spent its 303rd week on the US album chart, beating the record set by Carole King's 1971 No.1 album Tapestry. The album remained in the US Billboard charts for 741 discontinuous weeks from...

Catherine Mires I will never forget that I spent $400 on 2 tickets to see PF at the Hollywood Bowl back in the late 1990's for my adult son and I. I had to buy the tickets about three months in advance and waited eagerly for the date to arrive. Then one night I was wondering how much longer and looked at the tickets. It was 8:00pm when I looked. We were two hours away from the concert. It was that night!! There was no way I could make it. I will never get over the heart break I felt for the loss and my son was mad at me for months. I still love Pink Floyd!
Ziggy Nixon Amazing album... but not even close to being their best. I would rank it Nr.4 after Animals/Wish You Were Here (tied) and the Wall.
Catherine Phillips There is a tribute band called Austrian pink Floyd . They are coming to Charlotte or Raleigh soon. I'm going to look it up and see where and when.
Gina Peters And my mother played that album everyday it seemed (1973-88) She went through 3 records replacing them as they wore out. "Wish you were here" mom
Mark Schuler It is still as fresh today as it's release date. Alan Parsons was a genius at producing it. The recording still holds it's own even by todays standards. 🎶🎶🎶
Rosemarie Neidlinger Almost 46 now, can remember listening to it in Awe. My first born,29, knows it well. My young man,almost 10, gravitates towards it. My Guy,61, been there, done it,seen it,lived it,loves it...Hello, it's Pink Floyd. Music is everlasting and eternal. Not to mention, age gap withstanding. Like all the others you yourself personally think are the music Echelon.
Neil Heath A long run for any album. Strikes me you'd never get an album with that kind of staying power nowadays. Things are more disposable now.
Jeffrey Seitz Id been a Pink Floyd fan for almost 25 years now. I bought this first on cassette then eventually CD. But at the same time I was discovering the pre Dark side of the moon Floyd music 1967 to 1972. And wouldn't you know it they just came with a pretty expensive box set with rare tracks of their music from 1965 to 1972. But there's also a cheaper CD that has rare tracks from 1967 to 72 that I just recently picked up. I like the Dark side of the moon but sometimes I have a tendency to think that it's just little bit overrated. But like I said the album both live and studio and really enjoy listing to it when I'm in the mood.
Terry Rendall They were such an unique band, there was no one else like them at the time... And for anyone who thought there music was about drugs are just plain immature and stupid.
Roger Dubois Well this totally understandable since Alan Parsons was the sound engineer on this legendary album!
Satanas Lucatero what a great fucken album any colour you like is one of those songs thats makes pink floyd well pink per say haha
Wendy Russell I heard trump was after pink floyd to pay for the wall?
Steve Doiron Well I have to play this louder than usual.. Got it spinning on the turntable right now. Nothing sounds better than Pink Floyd on vinyl.IMHO.
Gregg Flynn Still one of my go-to albums...probably always will be.
Angela Willis Many a late night journey in the car with this blaring🎶 but driving round until the musics finished 😍
Michelle Reed The All - Time perfect album. Each note in its right place. Perfect. Those alarms at the beginning of Time still get me.
Eddie Criglington Have never stopped listening to it, since it was released! Still have My original Vinyl copy! 🎶🎶🎶
Craig Moskowitz Spoiler alert. ⚠ "There is no Dark Side of the Moon really. As a matter of fact, it's all dark"
Carol DeMarco great album love them
Johnnie Sadler
Terry Rendall Us and them
Greg Clarke Masterpiece
Al Lewis II Darth Vader's favorite album...
Chad D. Rike
Víctor Manuel Alcalá Vale
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28th March 1981, Blondie started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Rapture', the group's fourth US No.1 and the first No. 1 song in the US to feature rap and its lyrics, notable for name-checking hip-hop pioneers Fab Five...

Kevin Tiernan Apparently, the rap section was written on the end of the console in about 20 minutes by Debbie Harry, Clem Burke (??? I think it was him involved?) and Producer Mike Chapman (an Australian Producer and Songwriter, famous for his work with acts like The Sweet, Suzi Quatro and similar, during his time in the songwriting partnership of Chin and Chapman alongside Nicky Chin). Chapman had never heard of rap music beforehand, so Harry introduced him to some of the rap records of the period (Grandmaster Flash, etc.); Chapman was immediately impressed and figured it would fit within the song perfectly; the rest is history. =)
Jim Meenan Saw Blondie open for Rush at the Philly Spectrum in 1979(?) We booed them off the stage. Debbie gave us the finger as she left. Proud moment.
Alan Denning To deny the two original ex members at the RARHOF was crass, classless and unforgiveable, not to mention the antithesis to the spirit of the event and rock n roll
Maurice Garcia I always loved the song, I think it was the first Rap song
Craig Moskowitz Not one of my favorite Blondie songs, but I'm glad they recorded it, as it secured their place on the Rock Hall of Fame
Simon Rivers One of the most over-rated bands of all time.
Pam Martin Alford I still have the original 45 I bought when it came out. Cool song!
Keith Mcgirt Seeing them in Paris in June,hopefully and twice here in the states in August
Robyn Jenks Marden Seeing Blondie in August😍
Manuel Tejeda Blondie.LP
Michael Golden The Best
Ross Kerr LOVE Blondie
Song Surgeon Sweet :/
Caren Akin Keith Mcgirt
Dallas Taylor Devore Jay Gomez
Pam Martin Alford
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28th March 1967, Working on sessions for the new Beatles album Sgt. Pepper at Abbey Road studios in London, John Lennon recorded his lead vocal for ‘Good Morning Good Morning’, and Paul McCartney added a lead guitar solo to the track. Lennon had decided he...

Kevin Tiernan Producer (the late, great) Sir George Martin claimed the edit of the chicken cluck leading seamlessly into a guitar noise at the beginning of the Sgt. Pepper reprise as a complete and very fortunate fluke. Source: Martin, G. 'All You Need Is Ears' (book). =)
Georgia B Kimmey Interesting background leading to its production-they'd just finished an exhausting tour where they had threats and half filled stadiums so they took a 3 month break. That's when George went to India. People thought they might break up. They came back & recorded Strawberry Fields & Penny Lane but Epstein made them put those on a single. So they decided to create Sgt Peppers band where they could be something new and try a different style.
Matt Johnson I believe the use of animal sounds on "Good Morning, Good Morning" was inspired by the dogs barking at the end of The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds."
Ryan Bayne Had it not been for the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" album, "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" would never influence many a singer and a group around the same time this album was made.
Peter Black Hands down at that time in their career George had the best hair and stash..........
Lydia Garcia Great information to know if you're a Beatle fan, facts are fun!
Ken Vail Jr. This day in Beatles is this page lol other things did happen in music history
Stephan Daskal I never understood why they were all dressed like Capn' Cruch.
Darryl Asson Yeah but a 🐔 chicken clucks at the what were they saying???? The chicken is the baddest and scariest of all animals??? The chicken is the king of beasts????
Richard Rodriguez 50 years later and still better than the crap that passes for music today.
Deborah Crane One of the greatest albums ever!
Bobby Lewis A Splendid Time was guaranteed for all <3
Aristides Passos
Виктор Кондратьев
Marcos Romanholy
Jw Coates Great Album
Jamie Kerr Changed music forever
Leslie Gauvin Deanna Pavlich Hamilton. #insidethemusic
ML Gonzalez Erika Marie Olmos
ML Gonzalez Ruben Olmos
Aaren Pauley Jessica Lynn Searchh
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Listen to part I of our latest podcast Andrew 'Loog' Oldham - the story of the pop impresario who produced and managed The Rolling Stones and signed the Small Faces, PP Arnold and Humble Pie to his Immediate Record label.

Stephen Howard Mick says he screwed them ! At least he got them signed ~~
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27th March1972, Elvis Presley recorded what would be his last major hit, 'Burning Love,' which became a No.2 hit on the US chart. Written by Dennis Linde and originally recorded by country soul artist Arthur Alexander, who included it on his 1972 self-titled album. It...

Wong Kimchoon Sir Cliff paid the highest tribute to him when he. (Sir Cliff) publicly declared, "If there is no Elvis, thete will be no Cliff." Mind you this came from someone who is in his own right, a world acclaimed, most enduring singer of all time.
Márcio Gomes Teixeira Burning Love & It's a Matter of Time: Examples that the a and b-side of Elvis are equally extraordinary.
Scott Heywood He did have a few country chart number ones after this. Moody Blue being one
Claudine Chapon
Tony Hill Still have my copy !
Tiffany Snellgrove ALL of his music is fantastic!
Daniel Delgado Jr. He changed the American culture!! Like no other!
Daniel Delgado Jr. He was the best ever...R I P!!
Robert Mc Dowell American Trilogy one my all time favorites
Graeme GJ Martyn My favourite Elvis song 🕺
Philip Wyn Davies Reissue of sleeve shown
James W Kizer One of my favorite go-to sings at karaoke.
Michael Jorgensen RIP Elvis. Love you always.
Frank Canales Great song!!
Karen Crego Fabulous !
John Koegel Great song!
Jarrod Banks I thought Moody Blue was his last big hit?
Teri White Tony x
Martin Harris Andy Dyer.
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