This Day in Music
This Day in Music

18th Jan 1974, Former members from Free, (Paul Rodgers & Simon Kirke), Mott The Hoople (Mick Ralphs), and King Crimson, (Boz Burrell), formed Bad Company. The band went on to score a US No.1 album with their debut release.

J Marie Jensen "Johnny died one night, he died in his bed. Bottle of whiskey, sleeping tablets by his head . Johnny's life passed him by like a warm summers day. If you listen to the wind you can still hear him play. Don't you know. Don't you know that you are a shooting star? And all the world will love you as long as you are"
Mariah Hartberg Didn't know Bad Co. was made up of greats from these other bands, WOW, love BCo....... Thanks TDIM....... <3
Remedy Lane Great band, very underrated.
Ronnie Lupton
Mary Cowan My favorite band in my teens paul Rodgers was singing to me ❤️
This Day in Music
This Day in Music

Happy birthday to Steve Earl, born on 17th Jan 1955, US singer, songwriter. His breakthrough album was the 1986 album Guitar Town and later scored the Country and independent No.1 album 'Transcendental Blues'. Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Gretchen Peters, Shawn Colvin and Eddi Reader have...

Paul Pieczynski In my opinion, one of the greatest song writers of all time. A great performer. I buy all of his album/CD's without ever having to hear a track. I always know they will be great! 🎼😎
Gerald Yoshida One of the best songwriters ever and always one of my favourites to meet over the years!Hats off to you Steve on your birthday Sir!!!
Geoffrey Bayman Have the album "Copperhead Road" (1988) Great album, goes brilliantly back to back with any Skynyrd album.
Sajjad Imam never heard a better 'pancho and lefty' than steve earle's. it's a real sleeper that he made into something gritty
Matt Wood Saw him play Guitar Town live recently. He's a national gem.
Colin Smith Everybody told me you can't get far On thirty-seven dollars and a Jap guitar Now I'm smokin' into Texas with the hammer down And a rockin' little combo from the Guitar Town 🙂
Ingrid Lütcke Happy Birthday Mister Earl.....thx for music....all the years...
Mike Powell Steve EarlE.
Jerome Evanson Outlaw country. Love this guy.
Keith Richards Steve earle. Ever heard of Google.
Kevin McQuade I feel alright......
Paul Lindberg Discovered him late, love his stuff!
Jason Hatcher Street Dogs do a good Steve Earle cover too...
Steve Cripe Sure like his show on Sirius...
Robyn Annear Happy Birthday buddy, love your music ❤
Jim Sloan Happy birthday
Joszef Hanson Earle dunmies
Jeffrey White Awesome
Mark Krantz One of my favorite artists.
Karl Molek
Kim Annett Happy Birthday, Steve.
Le Ann Shiplet Happy Birthday
Christopher Scott Thompson Copperhead road
Christopher Scott Thompson Happy birthday Steve
Josh Byford Jeni Anderson ledge
This Day in Music
This Day in Music

17th Jan 2016, Dale Griffin, drummer for rock group Mott The Hoople died aged 67. He was a founder member of the group, best known for classic tracks 'Roll Away The Stone' and 'All The Young Dudes'. The band, who made eight albums during their...

Elle Wilky I always liked MTH when I was a young teen, in the early 1970's, 'Foxy,Foxy' is still one of my most favourite songs and I still have the 7 ins vinyl of it.
Andrew Mikula Saw Mott the Hoople twice in Cleveland. The first time was at the John Carroll University gym in late 1972 or early 1973. Mott put on a great show touring behind the "Mott" album. The opening act was Aerosmith -- I am not kidding.
Andrew Mikula Griffin and Overend Watts made one of the most underrated rhythm sections of any band of the time. I really liked his fluid style on Mott's best work. I remember his passing because it happened when a couple of other major celebrities (Bowie for one) died. 2016 was an unfortunate year.
Louisa Jayne Fitzgerald I think David bowie wrote the song 'all the young dudes, for them
Sam Mathis I had that 8 track....i used to be a Alaska. the winter.....whoa.....i always appreciated. That song...........s....
Lori Lynne Arner Courtney Oh yeah, All the Young Dudes, great song, one of their best, seems like yesterday I was enjoying the concert...
Jeff Chiero Mott The Hoople played with Queen on their first visit to the US
Dan Corum Love Mott the Hoople
Tim Leas All The Way From Memphis
Tommy Hubbard Love these guys.
Iain Finlayson Dean Higgins
Marc Andrews
Daniel Lozano
This Day in Music
This Day in Music

Happy birthday to Mick Taylor, born on 17th Jan 1948, guitarist with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, who joined The Rolling Stones in 1969 (aged 20), and left the Stones in 1974. (1971 US No.1 & UK No.2 single 'Brown Sugar'). Taylor has also worked with Bob...

Peter Learmouth The man whose brilliant guitar work graces many of the Stones' finest albums...and if he is to be believed they now treat him like shit.
Joe Longo He was in a video where it was filmed in a bubble filling. He looked like he was not happy with the whole thing and The Rolling Stones......
John Koegel Loved his playing on Vacation with John Mayall. Saw him with the Stones at MSG in 1969. His solo on Sympathy for the Devil blew the roof off the place.
Ian Did The only time the Stone were good was when Mick was in them. Have a look at the LP's he was on. Also include Tattoo You, as these were leftover.
John Ellsworth Mick was integral to the Stone's early 70's sound. My favorite period in the group's history.
Mike Moffitt Mick still owns that original Sunburst Les Paul, too... Happy birthday, Mick! You ROCK.
Jimmy Bricks The Stones best guitarist.
Craig Moskowitz Favorite Stones album is Sticky Fingers, thanks in large part to his guitar playing.
Kathleen McWhirter Saw the Stones in 1972 (Exile on Main St tour), and Mick was smoking'! Happy Birthday to one of the best guitarists ever!
Scott Rubin I always thought he was never recognized as the brilliant guitarist he was.
Geoffrey Touretz The Stones lead guitarist for their very best work, vastly underated
Adam Harms Megan Jacob this is the guy I thought they asked about in trivia last week...
Jeffrey Mccoy Let us not forget his play with the late Lowell George.
Michael Jorgensen Happy birthday Mick.
Bob Cifelli Excellent blues guitarist. Great tone.
John Kiser Best Stone's guitar player!
Glynis Allchurch Happy Birthday Mick Taylor ❤❤❤ have a fabulous day
Song Surgeon who else really gets it ?
Deon Van Der Westhuizen Gr8 guitarist
Kevin D Smith Happy Birthday!
Wes Stanhope Happy Birthday. Check out his version of "Red House"
Helen Ryan Love the hair do!
Jack Maddison '69-'74 the best rhythm section ever
Jimi Kavanagh Best Stones Guitarist
Henry Björklund 1949 ..
This Day in Music
This Day in Music

16th Jan 1973, Bruce Springsteen appeared at Villanova University, Philadelphia, to an audience of 25 people. Due to a strike at the time by Villanova's school newspaper The Villanovan, this concert went unadvertised, so this is probably the smallest crowd Bruce and The E Street...

Martyn Wadsley A little different to the 80,000 + people at Circus Massimo, Rome last year! 🇮🇹👍
Andrew Mikula I'm curious why the student newspaper was on strike and why there weren't other means of getting the word out... Isn't Villanova in Philadelphia? Nailing flyers to utility poles? Sending press releases to the other newspapers and colleges in the area? Bruce himself doing a couple of radio spots?
Matthew Reeves This would have been the one to get a souvenir, autographs! This kind of opportunity you'd never see again! Sob....Look at The Boss & Clarence they were kids! Great pic!
Geoffrey Touretz Damn.....I was just a few miles away, at Widener. It was my senior year and it was 1973. Too bad I missed it, but I'm pretty sure I was having a very good time.
Kathleen M Slattery Michael Lonergan saw him in Dublin not long ago and said his voice wasn't as good
Adrian Lloyd See you in feb brucy, can't fucking wait never seen you before, hope you enjoy Australia
Elle Marwick ... and i am sure he still gave a stellar performance 🥊🎸🎤🎼
Michael Wilkas Strike. And he played anyway. What a guy.
Steve Silkin WHOA! HE BROKE A STRIKE! SCAB! jk - he probably had no idea.
Lori Lynne Arner Courtney And...later...enjoyed his in touch with his fans.
Gary Blanchard Did that venue have any transsexual restrooms??
Brian Fischer Springsteen sucks.
Carol Molinari Monks Wow ! what a great concert! That would have been!
Ron Koralewski And he is a fake farmer, who dodges taxes!!!
Nipper Jellie Who has the audio? 🙂
Sid Cox 25 miserable people!
Richard H Deniston 2500 will say they were there
Scott Welch Or maybe the Hillary victory party - lol
Kevin Lankford Good never liked
Terry Quinto Still don't see the draw
Bart Stokes ...and yet 25,000 CLAIM they were there....
Paulie O'keefe Simmo Simkin . .
Jenny Paul But won't play NC because he can't use the ladies room!
George Pupparo Who,cares
Dan Shive F... him!
This Day in Music
This Day in Music

16th Jan 1980, Paul McCartney was jailed for nine days in Tokyo for marijuana possession after being found with 219g on his arrival at Narita Airport in Japan. McCartney said in 2004. “This stuff was too good to flush down the toilet, so I thought...

Duane Arena I thought Linda stashed it in James' diaper bag or something. I once read that Yoko had tipped off people at Narita. That came from Goldman's book so I don't know if it's credible or not. I wouldn't have put it past her back then.
Sam Pauley Jared Bowen Matt Bretag how the other half live. Here I am scraping out my pipe for a morsel of resin
Joe Longo Shit Ass Yoko, she was PO for Paul and John getting back to be friends, also Yoko had a cousin customs, to look at McCarhtney very closely
Rick Weddington Right on my kind of dude, traveling with a little over a 1/2 pound. He didn't plan on running
Tom Banks Check out the lyrics to the song "I've Been To Bali Too" by Aussie band Redgum. It namechecks this event. "They went through my bags like McCartney in Japan I didn’t have a thing, so I didn’t give a damn" -
Albert Stellmach I spray painted a big sign on an Expressway in Miami "FREE McCartney!"
James Smith Blame Dennys Laine for outing him in Rolling Stone as a major smoker a few months before.
Tim St. John almost half a pound... LOL. I don't know why he got arrested.
Luke Woolhouse The quote made me laugh Craig.
Michael T. Renier I'll take a Quarter Pound Mc Cartney, and an Order of Thai Stixs please!!😂🤣😎
Ray Edwards Harder to get good shit 36 years ago you'd really be hard pressed to leave it behind. Legend.
Lori Lynne Arner Courtney Oh no you pot head, I bet you are smoking the finest now. How about California's weed?
David M. Cesefske Sr. I get nine days just for thinking about lighting a spliff!!
Vince Covington Not a wasteful man.
Dave McFarland Lucky guy, could have been jailed a long time, what was he thinking anyway with that stuff on him?
Fernando Ojeda McCartney is a fucking god
Naoto Iwawaki No thank you any more to come every year to Tokyo.
Nick Prochilo Very interesting article.
Gordon Abbey-Tibbitts He took the rap for Linda
Dagi Kent ממש מעניין...
Deon Van Der Westhuizen Sounds like he wanted to apply for Up in smoke.
Deborah Crane Would have been a crazy 9 days as his cell mate
Matt Bell The Walrus smoking the chronic!🚬
Eddie McDermott Remember that well

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