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This Day in Music

Very sad to hear that Mott the Hoople founding member Pete Overend Watts has died aged 69. He played on songs including Roll Away The Stone and the group's best known hit All The Young Dudes, written and produced by David Bowie. He died on...

Andrew Charles Medhurst Ye gods! I thought last year was over and already today we've lost this poor chap and the 'Allo 'Allo's only Monday. May they, and anyone else moving on today, rest in peace ⭐⭐⭐
Jeffery Spicer Overend's Just a Rock n Roll Star. R.I.P Grew up with Mott, Have Everything & More in my Collection From Them ,The Documentary "Ballad of Mott the Hoople" is Highly Recommended. He's Reunited with Buffin Now
Ted M. Rogers That is sad news. Mott the Hoople had a lot of fans in my hometown
Steve Roberts Was listening to an interview with Ian Hunter on Johnnie Walker Radio2 show before Xmas and he was talking fondly of him.
Chuck Hughes hope 2017 doesnt repeat 2016 for the rock scene.
Will Scott mr David Bowie is in heaven and with the other angels no cry
Tom Wilmore
Vernon Hawkins III
Sarah Harrier Very sad.
Wendy Harrison Another legend gone too soon
Milan Katic R. I. P. still so recent 🙁
Andrew Donass Rest In Peace Sir🎼
Willem Oppies Opperman
Kim Annett R.I.P. Pete. <3
Chris Bridger Great music and tunes R.i.p. lad.
Belinda Blankenship Korta RIP rock on .
Sam Sauter Have a lot of his work in my collection
Todd Hall Becky Inman have you heard of this guy?
Janeth Missie Walling Lawson RIP Pete Watts
Rachel Williams Very saddened to hear 🙁
George Bassplayer Rest in Music
Ingrid Lütcke RIP...
Jeffrey Mccoy RIP
Jennifer Harris Bless him thank you for the music xxxx
This Day in Music
This Day in Music

23rd Jan 1991, John Sebastian, owner and general manager of KLSK FM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, played Led Zeppelins 'Stairway To Heaven' for twenty-four solid hours to inaugurate a format change to Classic Rock. Police showed up with guns drawn: once after a listener reported...

Ed Hernandez Ha!
Geordie Stuart Merrall Been There.Fucked That Up....
Becky Paige Dave Nordby
This Day in Music
This Day in Music

23rd Jan 1965, 'Downtown' made Petula Clark the first UK female singer to have a No.1 on the US singles chart since Vera Lynn in 1952. The song was also a No.2 hit in the UK. Recorded in three takes (with the second take ultimately...

Steve Donnelly Loved the song......had it as a single in those days but went up in flames with the rest of my stuff ....but only now while reading this do I find out that Jimmy Page was involved.... but at 5 years old one doesn't know those things then!!! Life carries on!!! 🙂
John McConnell "HI" Mike Hartsell - I had a crush on Petulla Clark...this song came out when I was in college - I would sing it as I would walk from DU to "downtown" Pgh...I know you like theater - check out her performance in the musical "Blood Brothers" (amazing)...and she also did (in London) "Sunset Boulevard" - also an amazing performance...
Vicki Watson One of my childhood favorites. It's the first song I remember since I was 5 years old when it was released. Brings back memories of shopping down town with my mom and younger brother in the sixties!
David Forbes I still love the nostalgic feeling this song evokes. I first heard it in Scotland in 1965 when I was 10 then later that year we moved to Canada and our teachers sang it at a public event.
Marilyn Crosbie I was just reading some quotes from Canadian pianist, Glenn Gould, who enjoyed listening to the music of "Pet" Clark, as he called her. After Glenn's untimely death at age 50, Petula heard about his interest in her music and said she regrets that they never met.
Marilyn Crosbie I grew up with her songs. I was living in an isolated village as a newly wed and longed to "go downtown where all the lights were bright......."
Tania Figueroa Love Petula Clark! And I just love that song "Downtown"!! A fantastic production; the horns especially; simply teriffic! 🎼❤👌🎼😊😊
Deborah Tracy Kyla Osadche this song always reminds me of 'Lost' when it was playing when we were first introduced to Desmond. I miss that show.
David Mitchell I'm working with Tony Hatch on a musical called Downtown, based on Truman Capote's famous Black & White Ball at the Plaza Hotel in New York... Uptown!
Diana McGeehan I remember singing this song with my Mom, riding down the road in our '65 Olds 88... good times!
Wendy Cates My favorite song as a 6 yr old & my mom would take us shopping!
Brian Bettridge Loved this song. Didn't realise Jimmy Page (Led Zep) played on it. Ms. Clarks voice was divine. Memories.
Shumaker Constantino Kimberly Never thought of Jimmy Page as a session player. Guess I forgot we all start somewhere.
Mike Bates First in a run of about 15 own particular favourite being I COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOUR LOVE.because of the memories it evokes that of me leaving home for the first time and being so so homesick
Jo Turnbull Smith Wish people would quit posting these, makes me feel old.;)
Albert Guy Mcmullin I was in the 8th grade. Petula Clark was the first red haired person I "noticed." I have "noticed" them ever since....
Andrew Mikula Wasn't Petula Clark an actress going back to her childhood before she ever became a recording artist?
Sherrill Dean First song I recall as a human I was four almost 5 years old
Eric Easter I remember driving in my friends convertible with his mom playing this song I was very young but it was great
Rucker Kelly The first Song I remember on the Radio as a little Child
Tonya Pitman Thats crazy. Had no idea lol like bon scott singing with valentines lol
Siyabonga Clinton Blose on this day the best album ever produced was released #animals.
Jan Scholl I still have the original 45. And every album from US and UK.
Song Surgeon anyone adore this as much as i do ? :\
Tara Foley This tune, sung by this lady is a true gem ...
This Day in Music
This Day in Music

22nd Jan 1966, The Beach Boys went into the studio to record 'Wouldn't It Be Nice', which would be the opening track on their forthcoming album Pet Sounds. Listen to Brian Wilson talking to This Day in Music Radio about the making of Pet Sounds:...

Kev Fenwick The Beach Boys are playing in Australia in country N.S.W. in a couple of weeks, I just finished reading Mike Love, my life as a Beach Boy, great look into the lives of the band members
Mark Krantz Pet sounds was an amazing album. Brian Wilson's shout out to The Beatles.
Pete Harrison Fantastic album! It also pressured the Beatles to compose and record Sgt. Peppers. They didn't want to be outdone.
Lanny James Who knew you could make a living singing in their little girl voices?
Tom Bergeron Genius!
Nancy Sadler One of my favorites!
Matt Nardo Beautiful
Sarah King The best.
Anthony Walker My own bad , I don't get it at all
Cindy Miller I really dig that recording ...
Joey Rejino Pet sounds is such a great and classic album
Ian McInroy Brilliant.
Tony Dobbs Extremely overrated album.
Pat Coen The sweetest and most beautiful sounds of the 60's.
Anthony Walker Scott, Vince
Glenn Vaill Chris Lovallo😀
Stef Byrne Rob O'Fuarain
Sandee Simonton Ken Morey
Daniel English Miles Myjavec
Brad Evanovich Joseph Orlando
This Day in Music
This Day in Music

22nd Jan 1960, Born on this day, Michael Hutchence, vocals, INXS, (1988 UK No.2 & US No.1 single 'Need You Tonight'). 1987 album 'Kick' has sold over 10m copies in the US alone and features four Top 10 singles; 'Need You Tonight,' 'Devil Inside', 'New...

Mark Tynan For me, most Aussie bands have the same basic characteristics, from AC/DC, through the Easybeats, BeeGees, Jigsaw to Midnight Oil, Men at Work and INXS. Everything was played in a major key and kept bright, just like the Aussie weather, all their songs celebrated life and free and internal introspection was kept to a minimum.
Kevin Barry These Aussies were so amazing live ! 30 years ago, they were so talented and blew me away when I worked at Pine Knob music theatre.
Susan Radecke Yates He suffered a head injury from accident that left him with no sense of smell or taste. I lost my sense of smell also, 10 years ago from illness - a devastating loss. Let this man Rest In Peace and shame on those who ridicule the manner in which he died.
Cindi Gervasi The best of the best. Hope you're at peace Michael, the music lives on.
Glen Moon Still have my INXS cassette tape. Happy Birthday Michael Hutchence. I had the chance to see you live in Philly in 1991.
Melissa E Herrera His beautiful, talented, and troubled young soul will live on forever, and future generations will (hopefully) appreciate the magic he created with INXS...I have countless memories of incredible times made exponentially more real because "Dancing on the Jetty" or "Devil Inside" or "Don't Change" played somewhere in the background...
Don Jacobsen The laserium in Seattle did a laser show to Kick, great show.
Andrew Siegfried i drove a truck on one of their tours not a bad group of guys
Hope Dabney After his motorcycle accident he was never the same.# Can't be replaced
William Fields This guy was the sh--! No one commanded a stage like he did. Such a sad ending of a great talent.
David Nicholson Cornholio Bout the only thing I liked about inxs is hutchences singlet hated there music sorry
Ron Koralewski Awesome band, saw there last show here in Chicago. 🎸🎷🎤
Chris Clark I still listen to Kick from time to time. One of the 80s best albums.
Jeff Stauffer I had no idea, I heard about them for like 5 years and then nothing.
Geoffrey Bayman Live he had a great presence, - stage personality reminescent of Mercury.
Denise Blake Saw them in Durban. Not long before the tragedy. Such a charismatic singer. Thanks Michael.
Dawn Green-phenneger I loved Michael Hutchence....he had soooo much talent and I was soooo sad when he passed away! !!
Doug Medina Their music sounds dated now.Split Enz from N.Z. were better.
Wayne Anderson I was at George's place
Megan Mc Great band! Great vocal talent... highly underrated and gone too soon.
Robin Boucher Happy thoughts of his great way of entertaining. Great singer.
Thomas Sullivan Weiss He exfixiated himself while jerking himself off and choking himself at the same time...... What a tool!
Kathy Jean I loved that entire album. Here's to the group and especially to Mr. Hutchence.
Chloe Dancer Lore, un homenaje pero ya!!!
Joseph Toman R.I.P. Michael Hutchence.
This Day in Music
This Day in Music

22nd Jan 1931, Born on this day, Sam Cooke US soul singer (1957 US No.1 & UK No.29 single with 'You Send Me' and a 1986 UK No.2 single with 'Wonderful World', which was first released in 1960). Cooke died on December 11th 1964. More...

Charles Schexneider He along with Otis Redding were the greatest voices voices in soul and rhythm and blues ,rest in peace both of you. The world misses you
Mark Connors Born on this day also is Steve Perry. Sam Cooke was one of Steve's biggest influences.
Tony Smith Sport coat,& one shoe he broke thru the door and got shot, beat with a broom..trick robbed by a whore in a cheap motel room...flashing his money, he met his doom, now Read the words inscribed on his toomb until the day breaks, and the shadows flee away..RIP
Al Gennusa His "killer" was not charged with anything after an inquest. Then she sued his estate...and won. Sam may have had a sweet voice. But in real life, he wasn't as sweet.
Julio E Fernandez-Ochoa "At first I thought it was infatuation,, but oooh,, it's lasted too long,,,," --- "Darling you send me,,, Darling you thrill me" ---- What a voice, What a song!
Jerrick Fame Feagin Hes my second favorite soul singer...i gotta give david ruffin the slight edge tho...
Hank Nelson The King of Soul. We love you, Sam. Thank you for the songs.
Andrew Mikula Big influence on Rod Stewart too. "Twistin' the Night Away".. Sam Cooke deserves the legend status applied to him.
Bernadette Leila Basha Happy birthday & Rest in peace, legend. One of my favourite soul singers.
Thomas Paulus One of my all time favorites. Thanks Matthew Simmons for bringing this man's music into my life.
Haydn J Williams The greatest Soul Singer EVER.
Rose Bravo Great singer....who inspired Steve Perry. Where's you post honoring Steve???
Kristi Reed "You Send Me" was one of my favorites back then. I was only 7 but very tuned in.
Tony Pauline One of the ALL TIME GREAT'S, I still listen to him today.
Marte Welch I've always have Sam Cooke's music on my playlist.
Brett Balcerzak-Hrischenko LOVE Sam Cooke's music!
Maureen Higgins Santos Liked Sam Cooke tragic and stupid end to his life ☹️
Paula Bernard Love Sam Cooke's songs.
Jamie Pash Happy birthday Sam Cooke RIP
Laurie Miller He was before my time but I love his music. I have a couple CD'S
Anne Perry Happy birthday sam ..and to steve perry of journey
Theresa Marie Gosh he resembles Joshua Ledet in this pic!
Theo Klene A favourite
Carol Carothers Another one of those great voices gone too soon.
Shaz Crimmins one of my all time favourite singers...RIP Sam xx

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