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This Day in MusicDecember 7th, 2016 at 10:55pm

Listen to part II of our latest radio show featuring Steve Cropper talking to us about the great Otis Redding and Stax Records:

Wanda Swisher I thoroughly enjoyed it about Otis Redding. Thank you for sharing it Bobby
This Day in Music
This Day in MusicDecember 7th, 2016 at 10:55pm

7th Dec 1967, Otis Redding went into the studio to record '(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay'. The song went on to be his biggest hit. Redding didn't see its release; he was killed three days later in a plane crash. Redding wrote the...

Penny Edwards This isn't my favorite Otis song...there are so many others I love...but I'm thankful he recorded it and brought so much attention to his work.
Carol Storer My favourite back then..can remember exactly where l was when l heard the sad news...l was devastated..
Fay Mahaffey I love this song! It's in my top five of my most favorite songs.
Marlene Deppe Patterson Wow, I didn't know he planned to replace the whistling. Love that song.
Hector Arturo Valdez I've been whistling this song for years haha. Thanks Otis.
Lyn Smith Still a great tune
Jim Knapik I have the 9 CD box set of the STAX recordings...
Jorge Edgardo Acevedo
Jon-l Perrot Love otis
Ed Hernandez Otis,. my man
Glenda Meeson Loved it.
Geoff Brown
Jay Johnson When every im down , there is Otis Redding , to lift me back up
Danny Burrell What another waste of young talented life but at least he will always be remembered for this.
Gabriella Keszei Danny Burrell
Cloyd Moll Wow thanks
Kelly Mayo John, the universe ensured that song stayed just as it was.
Mike Williams It was one of mikes favorite songs
Stephen KP Baxter James Patterson
This Day in Music
This Day in MusicDecember 7th, 2016 at 10:55pm

6th Dec 1962, During sessions for the 'Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan' album, Bob Dylan recorded 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall' and versions of 'Hero Blues', 'Whatcha Gonna Do', 'Oxford Town', and 'I Shall Be Free', at Studio A, Columbia Recording Studios in New York City. More...

William Ray Bailey ...Donald:Whenever you're ready, girl. Bob: Yeah, hi. My name is Bob Dylan. Donald: Huh. Not a girl. It's not a girl...
Marcos Romanholy
Sue Spencer Awesome guy 👍
Graehame Webb Love this album
Johnnie Sadler 🌱🤘
Susan Fisher Denise Ann Saldutti Egielski
This Day in Music
This Day in MusicDecember 7th, 2016 at 10:55pm

Listen to part III of our Led Zeppelin story where we talk to Jimmy Page about the early years of Led Zeppelin:

Lesia Wright This is very interesting. I love Led Zeppelin. My all time favorite band. Thank you for posting this.
Wanda Swisher That's right.One of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands in the history.
Johnny Callicott My all time Fav song is Kashmir... My Fav vocalist.. R Plant.
Mel Cantu-Alaniz Greatest band on the planet? AGREED!!! 😎😎
Julia Na Bewitched
Dean Mooney Love zepplin
Julius Heide Deep Purple !
Annette Ellehauge Mikkel! Der er mange andre fede udsendelser også, prøv at tjekke det.
Monica Maze Joey Kanaday
Lesia Wright This Day in Music, Where can I check out part 1 and 2 of this?
Natha Sao-Mafiti Nicko Hopkins
This Day in Music
This Day in MusicDecember 7th, 2016 at 10:55pm

6th Dec 1969, Led Zeppelin made their debut on the US singles chart with 'Whole Lotta Love', it went on to make No.4 on the chart and was the first of six Top 40 singles for the group in the US. During the bands career,...

Rich Amadori There's a classic scene in the rock doc It Might Get Loud. Jimmy Page is talking about coming up with the riff for this song and then busts out with it on his guitar in front of The Edge and Jack White. Their jaws just hit the floor.
Hector Arturo Valdez I bought this single in january 1970 but the A side was Living, loving She. ... and the B side was A hole lotta love..
Dave Cheetham lifted from Small Faces, You Need Loving, recorded 1966, Rob Plant even said this inspired him to write "Whole Lotta Love"
Pete Harrison I temember the first time i heard this. I was sitti g in a friends kitchen listening to a small transistor radio. I was like what was that! That was unbelievable! . Id neverheard anythi g like it and new rock music was headed in a new and exciting direction.
Engku Mohd Faisal very loud guitar from jimmy page of led
Ella Mineau Apparently Jeff Buckley was singing this before he drowned
Anna Alexiou That song/album had a huge impact for fans or fans to be.
Carrie White Listen to this track with good headphones on... back then as today.. blew my mind.. Supersonic Stereo .....!
Jeffrey Mccoy Led Zeppelin was not a Supergroup
Ryan Bayne I love this Led Zeppelin song since 1989.
Beate Latour What a great number....we've danced an endless time.....
BJ Husistein A W E S O M E
Ron Kniss My very first concert.
Frank Ross I saw them in concert at Boston Gardens in 1970.
Dan Lalley Great band "in the studio"
El Gordo-pp Doesn't it make you feel old!! :v
Vickey Hickman 🎼🎸🎆☮🌈🌟
April Adams Omg 1969! Yikes time flies
Dawn Bracken My all time, #1 band!
Ella Mineau Fave
Virginia Valdez
Eric Pierson The song that changed my life
Silky Rubble Hey fantastic 60's graphic there, nice to see Bonham up front in the picture & the others in the background, he was the strongest looking of all of them, and made the biggest natural sound. It's been said before I know, but how come no-one since has been able to produce those drum rythms, even Jason Bonham & Dave Grohl don't even come close. :))
Marc Day Song evolution...Willie Dixon then Small Faces then Zep. It took a lawsuit for Wilie Dixon to get song credit for the song. BTW Small Faces also listed onlt Marriott/Lane as writers of the song and gave no credit to Dixon.
This Day in Music
This Day in MusicDecember 7th, 2016 at 10:55pm

6th Dec 1988, American singer songwriter Roy Orbison died of a heart attack aged 52. Scored the 1964 UK & US No.1 single 'Pretty Woman', plus over 20 US & 30 UK Top 40 singles including ‘Only the Lonely’ and ‘Crying’. Formed his first band...

J Marie Jensen "It's hard to understand that the touch of your hand can start me crying. I thought that I was over you, but it's true oh, so true. I love you even more, than I did before, but darling what can I do? For you don't love me. And I'll always be, crying over you, crying over you " 💔
John Gubbins In October of 1987 I was playing in a band called The Greater Decatur Rhythm & Blues revue. We opened Two shows for Roy Orbison on what was to be his last tour.
Larry Andrews "I love you even more than I did before, but darling what can I do, because you don't love me and I'll always be...crying..over you,,,crying..over you, yes now your gone and from this moment on, I'll be crying, crying, crying, crying....." Don't know about ya'll but those words strike home in a Big Way for me!!
Martin Walsh He was so young. What a magnificent voice. I remember as a late teen when the Wilburys hit the airwaves and then Roy had his own song hit the charts. So sad. RIP Roy.
Frank Malfitano Haunting voice, sad and surprising how young he was. And one of the funniest bits ever was Larry Bud Melman dressed as him on Letterman!
Mike Bates Left us some timeless music a personal favourite among many RIDE AWAY.
Michael Anthony Euefueno What a great voice.R.I.P. Mr. Orbison.
Bruce Susinger Brings back the early 1960's and a whole different world!
Betty Ann What a sad loss of a brilliant singer no one like him RIP big O xx
Shirley Fite He was one of my all-time favorite singers. His range of pitch was incredible.RIP.
Kris Knight I heard 'The Candy Coloured Clown' on the radio this morning. A great song
Diane Street My brother & I saw his last concert at the Front Row Theater in Cleveland... What a voice !!!
Julia Ross I loved him,his singing was unique and many people didn't like his take off on high notes.I did.
Deanna Philhower Always loved his voice - when the Wilburys came out, I recognized his voice right away.
Andrew Charles Medhurst So young, actually 😎
Ryan Bayne Rest in paradise, Travelling Wilbury
Haydn J Williams One of the greatest voices in Rock and Roll 🎸
Rick Ping What a song writer and singer
John Gubbins It was at Nashville north in Taylorville' Illinois.
George Schmidt
John Harrison Love anything Roy did, always on my play list.
Dolah Mcreynalds One of the best male singer and songwriter ever
Denise Blake Such an unusual voice...Lots of sad songs.
Phil Victor Meldrew Webster Spooky, Picked this up today from a charity shop. 99p
Yolanda Ferrer God bless
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