The Ed Scales Show

Ed’s show—oddly named “The Ed Scales Show”—airs on US-1 Radio most Sundays from 11am-2pm. The show has aired on US-1 Radio for over two decades and continues the station’s tradition of nontraditional radio, Florida Keys-style. No one (other than Bill Becker) has been on-the-air at US-1 Radio longer. Management of the station is as puzzled as everyone else as to why this is the case. No matter how often we change the locks to keep Ed out, Ed finds a way into the studio to do his show. Trust us, if it weren’t for his impeccable musical taste, we’d call the cops!

While it’s hard to describe Ed’s show with any particularity, suffice to say that he plays a wide variety of great rock and roll. Ed regularly sneaks down into the US-1 Radio music vault to play stuff you just don’t hear every day, and he also mixes in the hits so that there’s truly “something for everyone”. He even peppers the show with entertaining features like “Ed’s Peeve of the Week” and “This Date in Rock and Roll History”. So, tune in on Sundays for “The Ed Scales Show”…..and give us a shout if you know a good locksmith.