Ron Saunders


Ron Saunders is a 5th generation native of Key West with a history of public service. After
graduating from the University of Florida College of Law in 1979, Ron returned to the Florida Keys to
practice law with his father, Judge Jack Saunders.

In 1986, Ron was elected to the Florida House of Representatives where he represented all of Monroe
County and part of Miami-Dade County. He served as Chair of the House Appropriations Committee in
charge of the state budget and was twice selected by an independent panel as The Most Effective Member
of the 120-person Florida House

Ron retired from the Legislature in 1994 and became a shareholder in a state-wide law firm.
He returned to public office in 2006 when he was elected to his former House seat. Ron was selected by
his colleagues to serve as House Minority Leader in his last term from 2010-2012.

Ron became a news anchor for US1 radio in 2017. His first time hosting the Morning Magazine show was
the day before Hurricane Irma impacted the Florida Keys, Ron and News Director Bill Becker stayed on
the air before, during and after the storm, serving as the sole source of information for residents of the