Alan Church



My name is Alan Church but I’ m also known as The Reverend, The White Knight With the Brown Sound,

and many other names that are not suitable for a family radio station! I was born and raised in Africa to

fundamentalist American missionaries. We arrived in the United States in my adolescence whereupon I

immediately was attracted to the sounds of rock and soul that permeated the airways in the late ‘50s

and early ‘60s. As that music was deemed “devil’s music” and listening to it a sure way to eternal

damnation, I tucked a transistor radio under my pillow and listened all night to the fabulous music and

legendary d.j.s that broadcasted on powerful AM stations from New York, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland,

Ft. Wayne and anywhere I could find Elvis, Connie Francis, The Drifters, Fats Domino, Sam Cooke, Brenda

Lee , Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby Vee and all the other great stars of that era. My love for music rules my life

and I have been blessed to meet many of the pioneers of our time including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin,

James Brown and The Temptations. Playing the music is all I have ever wanted to do, but raising a family

required a different path. I would like to .that US1 radio and my mentor Bob Soos for allowing me to live

the dream. Thanks to all my sponsors who believed in what we did and mostly to my wife for putting up

with exorbitant expenditures and hours of searching for the songs that became the fabric of our lives.