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With his extensive experience in all phases of the radio industry, Mike Harvey knows what it takes to make a radio station successful and profitable! His uncanny ability to be ahead of radio trends manifests itself in his tireless devotion to helping stations succeed.

On-Air Personality

He’s lived it, defined it, and perfected it into an art form as a role- model and mentor to many professional on-air talents in the business today!

Program Director

Mike is the only three-time winner of Billboard Magazine’s “Major Market Program Director of the Year” Award and his stations have won the Billboard “Station of the Year” an unprecedented four times!

General Manager, Corporate Executive, and Station Owner

Years of experience “behind the desk” have made him keenly aware of what it takes to develop the “bottom line.” Not content with merely performing and programming, Mike became a “turnaround” specialist for ailing stations in medium and major markets, and, as General Manager, created top-rated performers in a variety of formats like 3WS – Pittsburgh, KSOL – San Francisco, WHAM – Rochester, and WFTL – Ft. Lauderdale.


In the 80’s, Mike joined legendary research specialist Bill Moyes in creating the Transtar Radio Networks … the FIRST satellite-delivered programming service in the world!  As Vice President of Programming and Operations, Mike designed, built and managed the network’s formats which still operate today under the banner of the Dial-Global Radio Networks. While running Transtar in Los Angeles, Mike launched “SuperGold Saturday Night”, which quickly became America’s favorite syndicated weekend show. Over the past 20+ years, Mike has evolved the presentation and music format and extended the winning concept to 6 nights a week as “The Mike Harvey Shows.”


Recognizing the current economic trend by many stations to abandon competitive night-time programming by resorting to voice-tracking or total automation, Mike continues to dedicate himself to radio’s success! How? By designing a completely unique Daily show, Mike draws audiences back to local radio with the fully customized “The Mike Harvey Show.” Weaving his magic as a pioneer and innovator, this new LIVE LOCAL show is the “buzz” among classic hits, oldies, and AC stations!

The Mike Harvey Show
The Mike Harvey Show shared Mueller Planetarium's video.2 months ago

Thanks to George Fleenor for asking me to voice this promo (and a large part of the show itself).
I just want a "do-over"! As fate would have the time it had to be produced, I was not yet fully recovered from a...

The Mike Harvey Show
Mueller Planetarium
Make it rain fire! Experience some of the most powerful & devastating impacts in our solar system! >>>
The Mike Harvey Show
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The Mike Harvey Show
The Mike Harvey Show shared American Masters's video.3 months ago

Fats Domino...TRULY A LEGENDARY ENTERTAINER...Now a bright star in Rock 'n Roll Heaven!
Nowadays the term is too often used to describe very talented, outstanding and even great performers. But LEGENDS are rare. And without them there wouldn't BE any rock 'm roll!

The Mike Harvey Show
American Masters
Rest in peace to a true pioneer. Explore the life of Fats Domino and the birth of rock ‘n’ roll:
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The Mike Harvey Show3 months ago

There are WEIRD THINGS happening on FaceBook!
THIS is an "improvement"?
Keep checking in while we figure out how to manage new posts, etc.

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I was a mediocre drummer and singer (I gave up both, years ago). That may be why I'm so awed by truly talented musicians.
THIS features a group that you probably have NEVER HEARD OF....and NEVER WILL, AGAIN.
But they are as talented...

The Mike Harvey Show
Leonid & Friends I am proud of everyone though especially of two Sergeys @Kashirin and @Tiagniryadno) who worth at least for this tune to be shared here on Facebook! Горжусь каждым, но два Сергея в этой песне просто красавцы!
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The Mike Harvey Show5 months ago

Hey everyone, it's Bryan! I'm only not smiling because it's (VERY) hot, but I'm at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for the Eclipse today!

PLEEEEEASE make sure you're wearing your Eclipse Glasses!!!