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With his extensive experience in all phases of the radio industry, Mike Harvey knows what it takes to make a radio station successful and profitable! His uncanny ability to be ahead of radio trends manifests itself in his tireless devotion to helping stations succeed.

On-Air Personality

He’s lived it, defined it, and perfected it into an art form as a role- model and mentor to many professional on-air talents in the business today!

Program Director

Mike is the only three-time winner of Billboard Magazine’s “Major Market Program Director of the Year” Award and his stations have won the Billboard “Station of the Year” an unprecedented four times!

General Manager, Corporate Executive, and Station Owner

Years of experience “behind the desk” have made him keenly aware of what it takes to develop the “bottom line.” Not content with merely performing and programming, Mike became a “turnaround” specialist for ailing stations in medium and major markets, and, as General Manager, created top-rated performers in a variety of formats like 3WS – Pittsburgh, KSOL – San Francisco, WHAM – Rochester, and WFTL – Ft. Lauderdale.


In the 80’s, Mike joined legendary research specialist Bill Moyes in creating the Transtar Radio Networks … the FIRST satellite-delivered programming service in the world!  As Vice President of Programming and Operations, Mike designed, built and managed the network’s formats which still operate today under the banner of the Dial-Global Radio Networks. While running Transtar in Los Angeles, Mike launched “SuperGold Saturday Night”, which quickly became America’s favorite syndicated weekend show. Over the past 20+ years, Mike has evolved the presentation and music format and extended the winning concept to 6 nights a week as “The Mike Harvey Shows.”


Recognizing the current economic trend by many stations to abandon competitive night-time programming by resorting to voice-tracking or total automation, Mike continues to dedicate himself to radio’s success! How? By designing a completely unique Daily show, Mike draws audiences back to local radio with the fully customized “The Mike Harvey Show.” Weaving his magic as a pioneer and innovator, this new LIVE LOCAL show is the “buzz” among classic hits, oldies, and AC stations!

The Mike Harvey Show
The Mike Harvey Show2 days ago

Are you serious!? A Paul, a Ringo...and a Joe Walsh jamming together!? Oh, if I could be a fly on that wall!!!

Jon Brew And I think that for at a least a few cuts on the CD they should bring in Dhanni Harrison and Sean or Julian Lennon (or both)
Tony Pace Ringo must need the money. Paul looks out for him.
Larry Drinnin You aren't the only one wishing you were there Mike Harvey. I also would have loved to be a fly on the wall.
Willie Montgomery What about the news that last year their sons along with George's and John's are thinking about putting a new version of The Beatles
Tony Baughman Agreed!! I'd love to have just been asked to play triangle at that session.
LM Moore Sir Paul is younger than Ringo but looks like Ringo's dad
Gregory White Cool watch the movie cave man ringo star is the best lol
Jeff Johnson Who cares
Bill Mote Thats awesome
Kentina Horvath Needs to be ringo Paul with Led Zeppelin
The Mike Harvey Show
The Mike Harvey Show shared Vocals only's video.5 days ago

As if we needed further proof of how awesome Queen was, this shows the power of Freddie Mercury's voice...and the vocal harmonies they had. Enjoy!!!

The Mike Harvey Show
Vocals only
Queen - We Are the Champion Vocals Only
Marie Taylor i am telling you, i keep Praying myself... : ( THANK YOU!!! are you telling me.. : )
Jim Head Miss his music so much. What a talent. What a loss
The Mike Harvey Show
The Mike Harvey Show added a new photo.3 months ago
Sue Veneziano Haha! Love it! Thanks for some much needed musical humor! 🙂
Patrick Cox Alyssa Cox
Marie Taylor Oh; thank you! I AM SICK & TIRED OF THOSE DUST IN THE WIND SONGS, some are criticizing & condeming my person; i have enough put downs and those koren, philipinos, japenese, whomever they are are a Bunch of Idiots who have married OCIFERS and they have become Snobs and don't like me, GOD LOVES ME THOUGH & I ENJOY THE SONGS LIKE: "i am going to be # 1 & Someday I'll Be Loved, Protected, Cared & Understood by Good Human Beigns that are Persons Not animals, I Am Fallowing The Yellow Brick RD. : )
The Mike Harvey Show
The Mike Harvey Show4 months ago

Did you catch Phil Collins doing "In The Air Tonight" on Jimmy Fallon last week? If you missed it is!!!

The Mike Harvey Show
Phil Collins: In the Air Tonight
Music guest Phil Collins performs "In the Air Tonight" for the Tonight Show audience. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:
Rick Hall Thanks for sharing, Mike. I sure miss listening to you program; it's not available in east central Indiana.
Lenea Borgeson Yeah saw him, awesome musician, his son was playing the drums!!
Sue Veneziano I did see this, but I'll watch again.. loved it!
Marie Taylor HEY! THANKS I HAVE YOU TUNE IN : )Very nive Song.
The Mike Harvey Show
The Mike Harvey Show6 months ago


Patty Ann Manders Hi there Mike and Brian. Really enjoy listening to you two. Take care now.
Rick Nelson would like to heqr something from chicago not color my world
Marie Taylor HELLO! listening now : (
LeRoy Williams Very great show
Rick Nelson listen to the show every night at work
John Melton John from montana love your show mike would like to here a Bar Bands ending number in the 80's Jefferson Starship Nothing going to stop us now. thanks mike
Sue Veneziano On meeee...take me onnnnnn. 🙂
Patrick Cox Alyssa Cox
Marie Taylor HELLO!!! sorry i don't listen to 95.9 much : ( YOU HAVE A GREAT SHOW & OFTEN YOU PLAY MY FAVORITES : ) Thank you.
The Mike Harvey Show
The Mike Harvey Show added 2 new photos.7 months ago

We're still impressed that you found this David, but here you all go, take a look at Mike on the top left corner!!! Check out the lineup of songs on this thing!!!