MCSO – Florida Keys

MCSO - Florida Keys
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Great information!

MCSO - Florida Keys
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Lourdes Alvarez I have seen him around 87Ave.and Flagler st.
MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys1 day ago

Road open at the 82mm. Traffic may still be slow.

Deirdre Macauley Duddy Yes got caught up in the tail back.
MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys1 day ago

Crash 82mm southbound is going to slow traffic in that area.

Martha Davis Leasure prayers for those involved.. praying no fatalities.
Janice Hudak Hope everyone is ok.
Carol Pena Prayers for all involved.
MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys2 days ago

Islamorada event expected to create heavy traffic

The Annual Nautical Flea Market in Islamorada is coming up this weekend and is expected to cause heavy traffic and significant delays for drivers.

Sheriff’s deputies will be on hand directing...

Florida Keys Vegan May the force be with all who travel through that area at that time. Be on the lookout for idiots galore not paying attention. One of the most challenging weekends in that area all year. xo
Marshall Douglas Yeah this is my luck. Out flight isnt until monday night but we are out of navy lodge sunday. Might stay with my buddy Drew in big pine Sunday if it is that bad. Thanks for the heads up.
Chloe Costa Kaitlin Elizabeth Darrow lets meet up at the school and take the shuttle over together to do our community service that sunday
Sarah Jones Its time to finally give the old conch cruiser a mad max overhaul. A cow catcher/metal shredder front bumper is going to come in handy.
Susy Dehorta Nothing like the traffic to the miami boat show that was crazy and the boat show sucked there was sewage smell inside the white flea market like tents.
Arlinda Atwood Sam Cerminara Carrie said you have company coming in. I hope they aren't traveling they weekend.
Mike Farrell Thanks for the heads up
Taylor Barnes Marshall Douglas, are you leaving Sunday? Watch this traffic
Kelly Ullrich Yandy N Katie forget miami next weekend
Toni Ayers Bennett Jo Jo Foster Chaffin
Carol Leigh Thank you
Teresa Yeider Brittney
Sharon Paz Stephanie Paz
Marshall Douglas Mike Farrell
MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys3 days ago

Man charged with stabbing another man

An Islamorada man is in jail, charged with stabbing his wife’s boyfriend.

Sgt. Yunier Galvez responded to Sea Breeze Trailer Park at the 87.4 mile marker of the highway at 1:30 a.m. Saturday...

Elmer Gloner Am I the only one stuck on the part that says "he stabbed his wife's boyfriend"?
Franklin Ulysses Zuckerberg I stopped when I got to "trailer park". No need to read further...
Sharon Noeller Sounds like a keys drama Crazy ppl
Robert Messer I lived in Seabreze for a while and yes i miss that place some good times there
Amanda Kemppainen Netflix should be filming this!
Carol Pena WOW....
Chelsey Marie Rowley Hank too many crazies up there lately
Alec Burg Frank I really like you
Kayla O'Daniel WTF?
Wolfgang Bach Man I miss sea breeze
Amanda Blalock Woo, we're still in the South!
Francine Swadley-Lemay Ashley Lawrence FL man
Lazaro Obarrio That's a good cops show trailer trash gone bad
Carol Leigh You never know what you will encounter!
Wendy Coyte Kilheffer Yep life in a Keys trailer park! Yep
Diane Gaffney- Lahman Kayla O'Daniel
Daniel Rose Florida Man