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MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys3 hours ago

Sheriff’s Office nationally reaccredited – receives excellence award

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office was nationally reaccredited this past weekend at the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement conference held in Mobile, Alabama. Sheriff Rick Ramsay traveled to Mobile to accept the reaccreditation...

MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys5 hours ago

We love Deputy Shakes and Deputy Jenna Moeller!

MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys5 hours ago

Very well written story about the double murder in the Tavernier in October of 2015.

Violet Gencarelli Interesting story. I bet the writers for Bloodline incorporated some of this kind of craziness in making the show. The Keys have a fascinating history. Thanks for sharing MCSO.
Bill Regan Wow, what a read. It does sound like a plot from Bloodline! Thanks for sharing MCSO.
Caren Casper What's the name of the book?
Rachelle 'Biesiada' Knutson Book name?
Teresita Lopez Very sad
Kitty Frerichs Sad
Michael Paul Cara
Tiffany Mitchell Debbie Meehan
Tiffany Mitchell David Meehan
John Zimmerman Mike Harrop
Thomas O'Brien Brian Lobb
Hunter Hansroth Lisa Arwood Hansroth-Bacho
Amy Chermak Matlock Tim
Molly C. Thompson-Hopton Christopher
Kertonne Annulysse Tina Morales
Vanessa Gonzalez Jorleni Rodriguez
MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys5 hours ago

Marathon man charged with multiple cocaine sales

A 58 year old Marathon man was arrested Tuesday on six outstanding warrants for selling cocaine.

The warrants were issued after detectives with the Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit used an undercover...

Anita Gassner He's been dealing for years. Everyone knew.
Alec Burg The guy looks like Santa Claus look him up on the website
MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys23 hours ago

Update on Big Pine Key stabbing case:

At 4:20 p.m. today, 26 year old Heather Evans was charged with second degree murder and commission of a first degree felony offense with a weapon.

Evans is accused of stabbing her...

Kimberly Boykin If you murder someone, you shouldn't be given the option of getting out on bond.
Dawn Kyle Davis Without witnesses, it's her word against a dead man. She can concoct any story she wants without anyone to contradict her. We can only hope at this point that the Detective can deduce the truth from the BS.
Audrey Saylor I have a different opinion on it but that's my opinion if he was choking her and people are different behind closed doors it was him or her and I'm sure he was bigger I think she was defending her self I know I would in that position.
Connie Halcomb Kappler I've known that man for over 15 years he was my son in-law. He might have done a lot of things wrong but he never raised his hand to a woman
Jesica Cease We are all in shock. My children are devastated at the loss of their Father. This was a senseless act that has changed so many lives forever. I can tell you first hand that Cliff was not a violent man. In the 12 years we were together he never once raised a hand to me or our children. This viele person needs to rot in jail the rest of her life living with what she did!
Jennie Brown I've known him forever this was my brother-in-law I've never known this man to hit a woman I just have so much hate for her right now RIP my brother
Leigha Fox Those poor children have lost their parents
Amanda Jorgensen So sad!
Vicki Peterson Lyons So sad....
Chuck Mccrosson Cub reporter , welcome home
Carol Leigh Sad story 🙏🏽
Hilda Guzman May he Rest In Peace
Elizabeth Contreras 💔💔💔
David Rogers God bless the kids
Marc Maison Awsome work Detective Pitcher.....
Jim Cathy Bouquet Thank you for the update.
Kathy Rodriguez So sad
Andrew Kevech @ exactly 4:20 Sounds like someone was outta grass
Jerelyn M Daly So sad.
Joanna Anderson So sad. Praying for the family.
Rein Caitlin Melissa Graham
Ellen Hill Sheila Gavit