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MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys4 hours ago

Homicide investigation continues

Major Crimes detectives continue to investigate the death of a Marathon man believed to be a homicide. The incident took place in the early morning hours in Marathon today.

34 year old Andre Howard of Marathon...

Arlinda Atwood What is happening down here? People just weren't murdered, cars stolen, and people breaking into home when I was growing up.
Julie Hill Noooo not Quack! 😭. Prayers to his family and loved ones. Never knew him to have a mean bone in his body. May he and his family get the justice they deserve 🙏🏼
Martha Davis Leasure My deepest sympathy to Andre's family.. God Rest his soul.
Ashlee Earle Sending love and prayers to the Howard & Holmes family. Rest In Peace Andre (quack) 🙏
Tabatha Anna Young Wow smmfh. Rest in peace Andre Howard. Angie my thoughts and prayers are with you and Sergio
Tiffany Snyder Prayers to the Howard family💕 Rest in peace Quack Quack xoxoxo
Ayllindris Barroso Descansa en paz
Fakeppl Stayaway My cuzin never hurt a fly why kill him
Ashley Baron So sad!!! Prayers to his family!
Michelle Cameron Franck So sad 🙁
Andree Jeannette Hardy Thank you for sharing.
David Rogers RIP - you didn't deserve that.
Robert Jones Dam
Christine Rojas Rest easy cousin I love you
Brandi Patrice Alexis Brown
Heather Rios Felipe Rios
MCSO - Florida Keys
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The group "I Love Stock Island" was out cleaning up on Saturday - Earth Day - despite the rainy weather. Look at this dedicated bunch of caring people! Thanks to Sgt. David Lariz for his help with organization of the cleanup.

MCSO - Florida Keys
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Marine Deputy James Hager and Reserve Lt. Donald Prince were at Bahia Honda Saturday to help clean up on Earth Day.

MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys7 hours ago

Detectives investigate death in Marathon

Sheriff’s Major Crimes detectives are investigating a death in Marathon overnight which appears to be suspicious in nature.

A newspaper delivery person was at Keys by the Sea RV Park at 4 a.m. when...

Marcie Hauler omg- Scary
Heather Rios Felipe Rios
Kasey Platt James Platt
Kasey Platt Christian Sosa
MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys18 hours ago

Threatening Snapchat message investigated, cleared

Sheriff’s detectives say they have found no credible threat involved in a Snapchat message circulating amongst Key West High School students.

Investigators say they received information today about a Snapchat message circulating showing two...

Jayna Bell You know, people think they're not going to be held responsible for their actions. It's a "prank." Surprise, you are now responsible for being an idiot! Hope they prosecute him/her for trying to be "cute!"
Martha Davis Leasure stupid easily they could have been killed if the investigation went wrong
Clinton Boykin What about the anthrax threat in the early 2000s that happened at CSHS. that was a "joke"? They arrested him for it...
Jennifer Hughes Jennelle Palomino
Alyssa Delvalle Erica Lopez Brown
Brandi Patrice Nicole Osborne
Enny Castro Elvira Acuña
Adreanna Rose Diana Morejon
MCSO - Florida Keys
MCSO - Florida Keys1 day ago

Three arrested for trying to use fraudulent credit cards

Three people were arrested Saturday afternoon in Key Largo after they tried to use a fraudulent credit card to purchase two Go Pro cameras at Diver’s Direct at the 99.6 mile marker of...

Courtney Johanna Why are so many more Miami losers coming down here to pursue their crimes?! My gosh can't they just stay home and be losers?! It's so aggravating 😤
Tony Castillo More Hispanics from Miami and Hialeah. we should start to tax them as they enter the keys. 10$ per person and if they don't commit a crime while they are here they can get their money back
Ed Taber Just love these guys they come to the keys to get caught idiots there is only one road in and out just shows stupid criminals go the the keys lol
Rebecca A. CLifton Why do all these worthless thugs think they can come to the Keys and rip everyone off ? Keys retailers are so used to this now that they are hawks at spotting a con ! MSCO have their hands full but they always get em ! Good work !
Josh Campbell Why isnt there a toll to enter the keys? $100 each way for non monroe residents. Would pay for roads, lower registration fees, and help deter scum from coming here
Robert Messer Someone tried two buy $111 worth of stuff in home depo in Orlando yesterday with mine but they got the wrong person i only had $65 in the bank !!!!
Andree Jeannette Hardy Well done!! I love reading those stories of the bad guys who don't get away with it!! Crime doesn't pay in the Keys,,,ship out!!
Susy Dehorta That is what the wet foot dry foot left behind a bunch of freeloaders who want easy money, that is why miami is the FRAUD capital of the USA, time to deport seriously deport all these that come here and do not want to WORK for a living.
Matt Carr Its never if hardly ever "local man uses stolen card, car, boat, gun, identity... please please Gtfoh!!!
Tess Marra Good work on the store clerk & asst. managers part. Got enough info for Deputy to wait for them. Team effort!
Alec Burg Hialeah and Miami the scum of South Florida
Dawn Kozash No surprise there 😂
Ivonne Bellido Good job!!
Louis Falcon-Goldberg Good job ben
Diane Greegs Skipski Good job. I just knew they were from Miami area. We deal with this stuff everyday. Why work when one can steal!!!
Michele Beach Has their citizenship status been analyzed?
Cathy Supp Kudos to store employees and MCSO
Gary Pearson LOL
Cindy Cruciger Good work
Susan Cobb More Miami Trash
Rachel Rubin Peine Thank you.
Hubert Mayorga POS
Melinda Stewart Good job! A trifecta of idiots caught!!
Jo Summa Build a wall
Jason Vogan This is the same person who attempted to use fake credit cards at Quiescence.